characters in this episode

  • all star children(mario,luigi,wario,waluigi,peach,daisy,DK and bowser)
  • all freedom fighters(sonic,shadow,silver,tails,sally,rotor,antoine,bunny rabbot,blaze,marine)
  • NiGHTS
  • elliot
  • claris
  • kirby
  • Josh the Hedgehog
  • Rey the Hedgedragon


Lakitu:aand its a amazing race today folks! Were kicking it double dash style up here on rainbow road where mario and luigi square off against there rivals,bowser and BJR!

  • the karts rush twoards the finish line,ready to claim first place from eachother,when suddenly*

???:*lands infront of the karts and slices them in half*

Bowser:the hell?

Mario:*jumps out of his kart to confront ???*

???:*runs at mario and slashes at him*

Mario:*jumps over the axe and kicks ??? in the face*

Suddenly, two silhouettes appear in front of Mario. The first silhouette has upward spikes & the other has dragon wings.

???:*blasts a pillar of energy from his axe at mario*

The first silhouette powers up & forms a green force field around himself & his allies. The second silhouette delivers a fire punch at ???.

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