This is a TP. Copypasta. :D


  1. JoshTheHedgehog12
  2. Spongebob100
  3. Assassinhedgehog
  4. Jaredthefox92


Meanwhile, in a battlefield...

Assassin: *shoots Gicandice*

7:01(the bullets bounce off Gicandice)

Assassin: S***


(a Raven flies round her and fires on Assassin)

7:03Assassin: *takes cover*

7:04*the raven fires missiles*

7:05Assassin: *calls in backup*

7:05Josh: Assassin!

GP: (shoots finger-mounted Slash Harkens at the ravens)

7:05Assassin: thanks

7:06Josh: That's fine.

7:07Jack & Patricia: Yikes!

7:07(A long weapon that's like a rope with a sharp edge)

7:07Patricia: What's going on here?

Jack: And who's side are we're on?

7:07Josh: Jack & Patricia, I deployed the Burai for you. BTW. of course GUN

7:07Assassin: Mom *hugs her*

7:08Josh: Get on your Knightmares! Let's destroy those AMA units

7:08Jack: What's a Burai?

Patricia: And what are Knightmares?

7:08Josh: I repeat, get on your Knightmare. (to Patricia) They're robots

7:08Patricia: It's cool. I already have my Flying Broom

7:09Assassin: *gets on Knightmare*

7:09Jack: And I'm ok with the old fashion way

7:09Josh: That broom can be useful on-- Assassin, you already rode on it. I repeat-- get on your Knightmares!

Assassin: James

7:10Josh: I'm the General of the ITS, & I'm with GUN, as well

7:10Jack: Seriously? I thought you said that the Robots from the EggPlankton empire are enemies

7:10*salamander anti air shoots at he broom*

7:10Patricia: (dodges)

7:10*contenue to fire*

7:11Patricia: (fires aura orbs at the Salamander with her Magic Wand while dodging the bullets)

7:11Assassin: *bazookas the AA gun*


Josh: I repeat, get on your Knightmares!


Assassin: I am


Jack: Stay away from my friend ! (jumps on the flying broom & spindashes at the Salamander, damaging it)

7:11Josh: Uh, Jack, old-fashioned way to destroy them is useless


Josh: So, only Knightmares can only--

7:12Jack: (destroys a Salamander with his Chaos Dragon) (smirks) You we're saying?


*AMA Shrieker fighters enter the battlefield*

(they fly by launch missiles and fly away)

7:13Patricia: (uses Iron Tail on the missiles, destroying them)

Jack: Nice work Patricia

Patricia: Thank you

7:13Josh: That is a command!

7:13Jack: Still what's a Knightmare?

7:14Assassin: CHAOS CONTROL!

(Nothing happens)

7:14Josh: A huge robot that are equipped by heroes & villains alike

7:14Jack: Ok then


Josh: So... What'll you choose?

7:14Patricia: Ok, anyone got any bright ideas?

Jack: Not sure

7:15*an AMA fighter is on Patrica's tail firing its gun*

7:15Josh: Ride the Knightmare for safety, or try the old-fashioned way to danger?

7:15Patricia: Whao! (dodges)

7:15Josh: Wait!

7:15Jack: Your just saying that because your better than me

7:15GP: (shoots at the AMA fighter)

Josh: No, that's a command

Josh: I'm a General

Josh: But I don't abuse it

7:16*it easly dodges it is an ace and is too fast*

7:16Josh: O RLY?


GP: (fires Slash Harkens)

7:16Jack: Ok then. Chaos Bone Crusher! (uses Chaos Bone Crusher on the AMA Army, crushing them all, one by one)

Patricia: Whao

7:16Josh: Did I tell you?

7:17Assassin: *uses AA Guns and AT Guns*

7:17Jack: You don't like me when I'm using Chaos Bone Crusher


Josh: Not really

7:17Jack: It's my most deadliest move of all

7:17Josh: I told you to get on a Burai. Understand?

7:17Jack: I still don't know what's a Burai is

7:17(the AA guns hit the fighters, the rest miss)

Gicandice: *comes to fight everyone*

7:18Josh: Old-fashioned ways are useless at aircraft, unless you can fly)

7:18Patricia: (already flying with her 9 Skunk Tails that Patricia made 8 Skunk Tails appeared behind her) Like this?

7:18Josh: Burai is a Knightmare

7:18(yeah plus this is Vampire squadron)

7:19Josh: Uh, not really

7:19Jack: Oh then please to meet you Mr. Burai

7:19Burai: (is a Knightmare & doesn't have vocal chords)

7:19*the fighters all are doing strafing runs while flying upside down (they are all piloted by Moebian bats)

7:19Josh: (Thought: What a silly one)

7:20Jack: Ok that was a bit creepy, but whatever this is. I'm still greeting the robot

7:20Assassin: me too

7:20Patricia: So what should we do again? Cause Jack & I can't remember


Josh: I repeat-- Ride on the Knightmares.

Josh: Each of you, on the Burai

7:21Jack: What am I "Dr, Eggman"?

7:21Josh: You can do it, Jack

7:21Jack: Or was it Dr. EggPlankton?

7:21Josh: You can do it, I trust you. BTW, Burai has a large assault rifle, it can help you destroy the aircraft.


Jack: (sighs) But how can I control the big thing?

7:22Josh: Jack & Patricia! Uh...

7:22Patricia: Yes Josh?

7:23Josh: As you're intelligent like me, Patricia, do you know how to control a Burai?


Patricia: Sorry


Josh: Oh, look, the AMA's retreating

7:24Jack: And Patricia & I didn't even get started with the Advance ones

Patricia: But why?

7:24Josh: Control the robot

7:24Assassin: cowards

7:24Josh: There's no manual, but it's easy to control


  • 7:24Spongebob100(Suddendly Jack-4 Bots appears out of nowhere) Jack: Maybe that's why.
  • 7:25JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: -_-
  • 7:25AssassinhedgehogAssassin: what the?
  • 7:25Jaredthefox92(they are not cowards, I have to leave! (Do not call my creations cowards plz)
  • 7:25Spongebob100Jack-4 Bots: (attacks the Knightmares)
  • 7:25JoshTheHedgehog12GP: (shoots Hadron Cannons at the Jack-4 Bots)
  • 7:25JamesTechno998James: *still fixing it* Man....making an interdimensional machine is hard
  • 7:25JoshTheHedgehog12(XD IK Assassin's just kidding)
  • (James.)
  • 7:25Jaredthefox92(they are a brave and strong army)
  • 7:26JoshTheHedgehog12(Dude, please, don't break the 4th wall)
  • 7:26Jaredthefox92(ok)
  • 7:26JoshTheHedgehog12(Not you, James)
  • 7:26Spongebob100Heavy Armor Jack-4 Bots: (appears & starts damaging the Knightmares with their Mini Guns, JackCannons & Rocket Launchers)
  • 7:26JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: S--
  • Jaredthefox92 has left the chat.
  • 7:27JoshTheHedgehog12GP: (shoots Slash Harkens, piercing the HA Jack-4 Bots' armor)
  • 7:27Spongebob100(The Attacks of the Heavy Armor Jack-4 Bots deals heavy damage to the Knightmares)
  • Jack: (spindashes at the Normal Jack-4 Bots)
  • 7:27JoshTheHedgehog12(Dude, Knightmares can't be defeated easily)
  • (They've heavy armor, too)
  • (I suggest you to get a blueprint of Slash Harken)
  • 7:28Spongebob100Heavy Armor Jack-4 Bots: (Starts piercing through the Knightmare's Armor, dealing medium damage to it)
  • The Legend Bladers has joined the chat.
  • 7:29JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: Rrrr
  • 7:29Spongebob100Patricia: (uses Iron Tail on the Jack-4 Bots) Be careful guys
  • 7:29JamesTechno998James: I wonder how's everybody....
  • 7:30Spongebob100Jack: (spindashes at the HA Jack-4 Bots, piercing through the Armor dealing only small damage to it)
  • 7:31JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: Oh s--
  • Josh: See? Ride on Burai
  • 7:31JamesTechno998James: *activates and suddenly the machine malfunctions* Damn't it *kicks the machine*
  • *Damn
  • 7:31JoshTheHedgehog12(Dude, please on)
  • *no
  • 7:32Spongebob100(The Heavy Armor Jack-4 Bots attacks the Knightmares Machines, dealing damage to it)
  • 7:32JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: You'll pay
  • GP: (shoots too many Slash Harkens)
  • 7:32Spongebob100Jack: There's too many of them. We betta retreat & regroup!
  • 7:33JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: Ride on knightmares!
  • 7:33Spongebob100Patricia: (sighs) He's right. If we regroup now, we can figure out a way to stop the Heavy Armor Jack-4 Bots & the Giant Jack-4 Bots (What does Mag mean?)
  • 7:33AssassinhedgehogAssassin: see Jack, I told you trusting Deraj was wrong
  • 7:34JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: Grrr. Clock UP
  • 7:34Spongebob100Jack: But it's Dr. EggPlankton's Jack-4 Bots is there?
  • 7:34JoshTheHedgehog12CLOCK UP
  • GP: (goes superfast & shoots numerous Slash Harkens at the Jack-4 Bots, one by one)
  • 7:34Spongebob100Heavy Armor Jack-4 Bots: CLOCK UP, Activated! (attackes the Knightmares in Lightspeed, dealing heavy damage to them)
  • 7:35JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: Oh s-- They got a clock up blueprint
  • Josh: Heh.
  • Josh: Say g'night, fools
  • 7:35Spongebob100Jack: I told you EggPlankton is smarter than EggRey. You know it
  • 7:35JoshTheHedgehog12HYPER CAST OFF
  • Josh: No, both of them are equal
  • Josh: Hyper Cast Off
  • 7:36Spongebob100Heavy Armor Jack-4 Bots: Heavy Blocker!
  • 7:36JoshTheHedgehog12HYPER CAST OFF
  • 7:36AssassinhedgehogAssassin: but no you said "ohhhh, You started to cramp his style & muscling his racket"
  • 7:36Spongebob100Heavy Armor Jack-4 Bots: (blocks HYPER CAST OFF)
  • 7:36JoshTheHedgehog12CHANGE HYPER REPLOID
  • 7:37Spongebob100Heavy Armor Jack-4 Bots: (blocks HYPER REPLOID)
  • 7:37JoshTheHedgehog12HRGP: (uses Hyper Clock Up, a version of Clock Up that can't be copied)
  • (Dude, a transformation.)
  • 7:37Spongebob100(But the HA Jack-4 Bots did copy that ability)
  • 7:37JoshTheHedgehog12HR Josh: Heh
  • (It's a transformation)
  • (Hyper Clock Up can't be copied)
  • 7:38Spongebob100Jack: WAIT !
  • 7:38JoshTheHedgehog12HYPER CLOCK UP
  • 7:38Spongebob100(Well Jack-4 Bots & Combots CAN copy)
  • 7:38JoshTheHedgehog12(still, all allies can move)
  • (Dude, however they are, they can't copy HCO
  • )
  • *HCU
  • 7:38Spongebob100Combots: ABILITY COPIED!
  • Combots: (Attacks them)
  • 7:39JoshTheHedgehog12Copy Failed
  • 7:39Spongebob100Jack: Whao, he's too smart for us
  • 7:39JoshTheHedgehog12Oops.
  • Josh: Not really
  • 7:39Spongebob100COPY SUCCEED
  • 7:39JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: Copying isn't smart.
  • Josh: That's dull
  • 7:39Spongebob100Combot: WELL IT IS IF IT'S VILLAINESS
  • 7:40JoshTheHedgehog12HRGP: (fires too many Slash Harkens)
  • 7:40Spongebob100Jack-4 Bot: (Attackes Knightmares)
  • 7:40JoshTheHedgehog12(Hyper Reploid Gawain Prototype)
  • 7:40Spongebob100Jack: Come on, let's get outta here!
  • 7:40JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: (activates secret weapon
  • )
  • 7:40Spongebob100(Hyper Defence System)
  • 7:41JoshTheHedgehog12HRGP: (flies above & shoots many Slash Harkens & Hadron Cannons)
  • 7:41Spongebob100HA Jack-4 Bots & Combots: Evil Secret Weapon Activated!
  • 7:41JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: S-- They're always copying
  • 7:41Spongebob100(I gotta go to bed now. I have school tommorrow)
  • 7:41JoshTheHedgehog12HR Josh: Urgh, cut it off
  • (kk)
  • (This is gonna be dead)
  • 7:42Assassinhedgehog(lol)
  • 7:42JoshTheHedgehog12(LOL)
  • Josh: Yes!
  • Assassinhedgehog has left the chat.
  • 7:42JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: LOL, the Jack-4 Bots retreated
  • Josh: Ugh, cowards
  • 7:42Spongebob100Jack-4 Commander: Seize fire. There's nothing left to destroy. (The Jack-4 Bots pulls back, as the heroes are groaning in pain)
  • (Not before a Bomb explodes on Josh's Face)
  • 7:43JoshTheHedgehog12Josh & HRGP: (wasn't phased)
  • Josh: S-- (got hit)
  • 7:43Spongebob100Jack: Are you ok?
  • 7:43JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: (receives medium damage) Just fine
  • 7:43Spongebob100Patricia: That's good
  • Jack: Now what should we do?
  • 7:44JoshTheHedgehog12(A trap was activated & the Jack-4 Bots fell on it)
  • (Uh, you said, you gonna GTG, Sponge)
  • 7:44Spongebob100(But the Jack-4 Bots activated their Trap escaping systems & left without a trace)
  • (Not until we end this TP)
  • 7:44JoshTheHedgehog12(A nuclear bomb exploded & the Jack-4 Bots got the brunt of explosion)
  • 7:45Spongebob100Jack: (presses a button & the Jack-4 bots exploded cause the heroes hid a bomb in the Bots)
  • 7:45JoshTheHedgehog12(:D )
  • 7:45Spongebob100(It's not funny)
  • 7:45JoshTheHedgehog12(But, they got medium damage)
  • 7:45Spongebob100(Oh ok then)
  • 7:45JoshTheHedgehog12(XD But you finished 'em)
  • 7:46Spongebob100Jack: There, now what should we do?
  • 7:46JoshTheHedgehog12(Two attacks)
  • 7:46Spongebob100Patricia: Not sure
  • 7:46JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: Nice one
  • 7:46Spongebob100Jack: Thanks
  • 7:46JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: You cannot have a Knightmare
  • 7:46Spongebob100Patricia: So what should we do now?
  • 7:46JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: But, a reward for you two
  • 7:46Spongebob100Jack: Thank you
  • Patricia: Thanks
  • 7:47JoshTheHedgehog12(Come to the ITS RP)
  • Josh: Two capes
  • Josh: A Scorch Bazooka & a Holy Rod
  • 7:47Spongebob100Jack: Thank you
  • 7:47JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: That's my reward
  • 7:47Spongebob100Patricia: I look nice wearing a cape
  • 7:47JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: And good news.
  • 7:47Spongebob100Jack: Thank you Josh
  • 7:47JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: You're promoted to...
  • Josh: ...Surprise. Colonel Major!
  • 7:48Spongebob100Jack & Patricia: Wow! Thanks Josh!
  • SolidScott has joined the chat.
  • 7:48JoshTheHedgehog12Josh: (grins heroic)

See that? XD

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