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"Villain? It's just the title of the guys who get their butt kicked. Hero? They're the kickers."

Techno is the Guardian of the Wind Elemental Gem and an adventurous hero who is not afraid of anything.


He is very optimistic and upbeat, and it is very hard to get him annoyed let alone angry, but he is serious when the situation calls for it.


He was originally the Hurricane Elemental Lord Tecnoss, but during the Darkness incident, he and the Elemental Soul of Wind were separated, and he was turned into a mobian-like creature resembling a hedgehog, and the elemental soul turned into the sword Laminas Deae. He then fought the Antibodies and several other monsters, and journeyed across Mobius, fighting villains and protecting innocent people. He was referred to many as the wandering hero...


Laminas Deae


He can use his Wind Elemental Gem to form a unlimited supply of air, which allows him to breath in places without oxygen like underwater and space. He can also summon the mythical blade known as Laminas Deae (Blade of the Goddess), an exceptionally powerful one-hand broadsword that can generate and absorb entire hurricanes.


He is weak against geokinetics and darkness, making him very vulnerable to the Darkroot Golem.


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Gym Class Heroes The Fighter ft. Ryan Tedder OFFICIAL VIDEO

"think you can stop me? try freezing hell,you'll etleast have a better chance of suceeding" - Techno about to fight

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