The Artic Codex is a Iphone game



ZJ the Penguin

ZayJay is a artic teenager who lives in Snowtown,he is generally a theif and the stealthiest one in the artic,after snowtown was lifted off the ground and brought to put-captured-towns-here island,he managed to get off and met gunter,who had suffered a simular fate

Gunter the Polar Bear

Gunter is a artic teenager who lives in blizzardville,he is very strong and kind,after his town was brought to put-captured-towns-here island,he escaped and met ZayJay,who hd suffered a simular fate


ZayJay Levels

stealth is the main attribute in ZJ's levels,the player must take out enemies without them seeing you,you can hide behind walls,in barells and much more

Gunter Levels

Power is the main attribute in Gunter's levels,the player must take down enemies by punching and using big slingshots to take down multiple enemies


The Gameplay is generally a auto scrolling level,the players swap between ZJ,who can go through small spaces,and Gunter,who can break crates and stuff

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