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Year 3222

Josh was yet asleep that time. He heard his soldiers call for him. He woke up and went outside, seeing a large robot at the front of him. It was controlled by Dr. EggRey and it is named Equera Beater. They both battle, causing chaos around the battlefield. Josh was overwhelmed because he was yet very cocky during the fight. He was ensnared by the Beater's giant metal hand. Dr. EggRey prepared to charge his Mutator Cannon. He fired the said cannon at Josh. In contrast to his expectations, the Chromasapien electronullifying gene inside Josh has been lengthened due to the gene's ability to automatically attract free foreign nucleotides and arrange them according to the gene's prior nuclear arrangement. Afterwards, Josh was able to change elements spontaneously using his BakuEmeralds, which defeated Dr. EggRey and blew him and his robot away.

And in the year 3234, Josh's first adventures with new friends were starting. First he met Jack the Hedgehog and Patricia the Skunk. He had his first adventure starting. But Dr. EggRey knew them and had a new plan to dominate the entire AD and Mobius with his new invention, the Equera Jupiter. Will Josh and his friends halt his evil plan? Let's see about that.

Also, Josh meets Sonic and his allies. They fell from a portal in the sky, but some of them got to another places in the Ancient Dimension. Josh has a quest to gather all the Ultra Emeralds to outmatch the Equera Jupiter. Will he accomplish this quest? Or will Dr. EggRey win?


Fanon Heroes

The Ancient Leaders
  1. ​Josh the Hedgehog (JTH) (the protagonist)
  2. Thomas the Echidna (JTH)
  3. Louie the Fox (JTH)
  4. Jetris the Hedgehawk (JTH)
  5. Noah the Hedgehog (Spiderboy2012)
Other Characters
  1. Rey the Hedgehog (JTH)
  2. Yuki the Hedgecat (JTH)
  3. Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  4. Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)

Canon Heroes

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog (anyone)
  2. Amy Rose (anyone) 
  3. Miles "Tails" Prower (anyone)
  4. Shadow the Hedgehog (anyone)
  5. Knuckles the Echidna (anyone)
  6. Blaze the Cat (anyone)



  1. Dr. EggRey (main antagonist)
  2. Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)
  3. The HenchCombots (Spongebob100)
    1. Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot
  4. Jack-4 Commander (Spongebob100)


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Episode 1: Trouble Over the AD

Since the year 3234, Josh had relieved peace in the AD. But suddenly, there's a noise coming out, near by Josh's castle.

One morning...

Josh: (wakes up) Can't sleep. (hears a noise) ... What a nuisance. (goes out from his castle)

Suddenly, many AD inhabitants are running away, scared.

Male Worker: Your Majesty, please help us! A robot has been rampaging in the vicinity!

Josh: Don't worry. (to the people) Tarry in an evacuation building as fast as you can!

Suddenly, a huge robot appeared in front of Josh.

Dr. EggRey: Aha! So you're awake, Ancient! You'll be crushed in my glorious return!

Suddenly, a giant portal made out of electricity or called "Nexus Rift" started to appear from the sky.

Josh: What's happening?! (sees ???) How in the Three-Planet Alignment...?

(Suddendly a large army of robots called "Jack-4 Robots" starts appearing from the portal, falling from the sky & then lands on the ground, surrounding Josh & Dr. EggRey)

Josh: Oh crud, more of them. And what the heck's happening to this dimension?! (notices ???) Who on earth are you?!

Dr. EggPlankton

???: (appears to be Dr. EggPlankton inside his Chum Pod with Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot, Bluebot & Jack-4 Commander, coming out from the portal & floats down to the ground, but the Chum Pod hovers in mid-air)

Dr. EggPlankton: Now we are in another planet? (notices everyone and succeeds in evil laughter) Fear not, if you all behave, I won't have to do anything nasty. All you need to do is to surrender your Ancient Diemention so I rule it for the EggPlankton Empire, for I am Dr. EggPlankton. Now are you all gonna surrender or do I have to do something nasty to take it from you? Well?

Josh: Hmph, if I were you, you should surrender your army to us, since you don't know who you're challenging!

All of a sudden, a large portal appeared & the other Ancient Leaders came out from it.

Thomas: I hear we have trouble here.

Jetris: (sees Dr. EggPlankton) An alien?

Louie: .... Probably. Look, the robots of the evil empire have surrounded us.

Josh: No problem. We can wipe them out from the face of this planet!

Ancient Kings: Onward!

Josh: (fires mystic wind spheres at the Jack-4 Bots)

Thomas: (fires tidal spheres at the Jack-4 Bots)

Louie: Burn into brimstone! (throws fireballs at the Jack-4 Bots)

Jetris: (hails comets upon the Jack-4 Bots)

Dr. EggPlankton: I don't think so! Jack-4 Bots attack!

Jack-4 Bots: (attacks at the heroes)

Josh: They don't stop... (summons a wind dragon) Heads up!

Suddenly, the wind dragon appears, and it breaths out pressured wind spheres, making an explosion at the Jack-4 Bots.

(More Jack-4 Bots appearing out of nowhere, one by one)

Dr. EggPlankton: So you dare to defy me, do you?! Then it's time I take it up a notch, without my Arch-Enemy & his sidekick's Appearance. Nothing can stop me!

Josh: Arrogance will lead you to your downfall! (notices a portal)

(Suddendly, 2 more figures falls out of the portal & falls from the sky & they are Jack the Hedgehog & Patricia the Skunk)

Jack: (spindashes at the Jack-4 Bots, while he's in the air)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail, while she's in the air)

Dr. EggPlankton: What?! (looks up) JACK & PATRICIA?!

Jack & Patricia: (lands)

Jack: Hey EggPlankton, looks like we're not the only ones who are in a different dimention or zone.

Josh: Hey, looks like we have met again, Jack the Hedgehog and uh... Who's that pretty skunk?

Jack: Hi Josh. This is Patricia the Skunk, my new best friend I've made.

Patricia: Hi Josh (giggles) And thanks for calling me pretty.

Josh: My pleasure, Patricia, this is my greetings to thee. Anyways... We have something to settle.

Dr. EggRey: You think so, puny Ancient?! No one will defy us! Anyways.. (looks at Dr. EggPlankton) Who's this Eggman that looks like he could be my ally...?

Dr. EggPlankton: (Notices Dr. EggRey) Who the heck are you?

Dr. EggRey: I am Dr. EggRey, a dominator as well like you, but I'm a bit different from you. I'm the evil being that took place of that pesky Rey the Hedgehog who was possessed by a ghosthog himself. And I'm the king of Diablodia, the dark continent!

Josh: ... It's a cursed continent...

Dr. EggPlankton: Well, my name is "Dr. EggPlankton", evil dictator & leader of the "EggPlankton Empire". I used to have an army called "Plank-nicks", but not anymore. Now I use the army of "Jack-4 Bots" to rampage everyone that stands in my way of world domination on all over Mobius. And these are my HenchCombots, "Redbot", "Yellowbot", "Greenbot" & "Bluebot". And this is my First Jack-4 Bot named "Jack-4 Commander".

Dr. EggRey: Good, good. You have your empire, eh? Mine is "Equera Empire". And I use my "Equera Bots" to engage my enemies. Anyways, we have something to dominate.

Dr. EggPlankton: (raises his eyebrow) Which is?

Dr. EggRey: (points at Josh)

Josh: You shall not succeed, fool!

Thomas: Taste the might of the Ancient Kings!

Jetris: And you'll go down, fiend.

Louie: Receive the judgment!

Dr. EggPlankton: Ancient, Schmancient, have you ever lived that long? Cause if you are, your going back to a retirement home for the Eldery after I'm done with you to look old.

Josh: -_- # (eyes turn red) I may be an Ancient, but I look young than YOU think! (powers up)

Thomas: Bro, chill. He's just saying that to us because he knows that he is already outmatched today.

Jetris: I concur. So shall we plunge them down?

Louie: Ye' men! (powers up; enveloped in burning aura) 

Jack: Hold on. Patricia & I will take care of EggPlankton, while you guys stop EggRey. Trust me, we know EggPlankton's Attacks inside & out. Trust me!

Patricia: Don't worry, we'll take care of Dr. EggPlankton.

Jack & Patricia: (charges at Dr. EggPlankton)

Josh: Alright. Ancient Kings...

Ancient Leaders: ONWARD! (they charge at Dr. EggRey)

Dr. EggPlankton: Jack-4 Bots, take down Jack & Patricia!

Jack-4 Bots: (charges at Jack & Patricia)

Jack & Patricia: (begins to attack the Jack-4 Bots)

Dr. EggRey: Hah, my Equera Bots, crush those puny Ancients!

Equera Bots: (charge at the Ancient Kings)

Josh: (fires wind spheres at the Equera Bots)

Thomas: (crushes some Equera Bots)

Jetris: (hails comets upon the Equera Bots)

Louie: (throws fireballs at the Equera Bots)

Jack: (spindashes at the Jack-4 Bots)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail at the Jack-4 Bots)

While they're fighting, a mysterious being walks over the bushes.

???: ...

Back to the fight...

Josh: Only few of them left!

Jack: Same with the Jack-4 Bots.

Josh: Good, good. (wipes out some Equera Bots)

Thomas: Lemme polish the last ones! (barrages the last of the Equera Bots with water spheres)

Jack: I'll take care of the last Jack-4 Bots (spindashes through the last of the Jack-4 Bots)

Josh: Perfect.

Dr. EggRey: My servants took no match to them?! If they can't, I can! (goes inside his robot, the Equera Beater)

Equera Beater: (charges at the heroes)

Dr. EggPlankton: Then behold our new power, Chum Beater, GO! (goes inside his Robot Battle Suit, the Chum Beater)

Chum Beater: (pounds his fists together & charges at the heroes)

Jack: They just never give up, do they?

Josh: Never they will. (summons Ancientcalibur) Bring it on.

Jack: Patricia & I can go face EggPlankton while the others face EggRey. Trust me (spindashes at the Chum Beater)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail at the Chum Beater)

Josh: That's good. (jumps & slashes the Equera Beater with Ancientcalibur)

Thomas: (charges at Equera Beater & drill-punches at its feet)

Jetris: Let me help those two. (slashes the Chum Beater with his Jet Lance)

Louie: (throws a flame bomb at the Equera Beater & the bomb explodes)

Equera Beater: (got hit by the attacks)

Dr. EggRey: Aaargh!

Jack: Watch this! Chaos NINJAGO! (spins around super fast, creating an Orange Tornado & then he attacks the Chum Beater)

Dr. EggPlankton: Augh! Stop that!

Patricia: Plug your noses everyone, cause it's my turn!

Josh: We don't need to.

Thomas: What he said.

Josh: Patricia, I have an idea. Let's make a Skunk Gas Tornado. (charges for an attack)

Patricia: Oh. Okie dokie, (charges up her Skunk Gas)

Jack: Is there anything you want me to do for this attack? I like to do this attack as well.

Josh: Perfect.

Thomas: Eat some! (charges up for an attack)

Jetris: Get ready to be defeated. (charges for an attack)

Louie: Great, this could be good. (charges for an attack)

Jack: Let's do this. (charges up for an attack)

Josh: Primeval Tempest: Ring Nexus! (forms a green magic circle from his hand and a huge tornado comes out, lunging at the two huge robots)

Jack: Chaos Ninjago! (uses Chaos Ninjago at the two huge robots)

Thomas: Hydro Cannon! (forms a blue magic circle from his palms and blasts a huge pressured aqua beam at the two huge robots)

Jetris: Ancient Meteor Smash! (forms a brown magic circle from his hand and flings a huge boulder at the two huge robots)

Patricia: (sprays her Skunk Scent at the two huge robots)

Louie: Supernova Flare! (forms a red magic circle above and forms a mega flare at the two huge robots)

The attacks form & hit the two huge robots.

Equera Beater: (got hit very bad & overloads)

Dr. EggRey: O_O Not good!

Chum Beater: (got hit super badly & overloads as well)

Dr. EggPlankton: Oh no, this is not good.

Equera Beater: (explodes)

Dr. EggRey: Aaaaaaargh!!! (got blown away) YOU'LL HAVE YOUR DEFEAT ONCE I COME BACK, JOSH THE HEDGEHOG!!!

Dr. EggPlankton: I'M OUTTA HERE! (hops off, before the Chum Beater explodes) Phew that was close (hops on the Chum Pod) You may have defeated me last time, but next time I'll destroy you Jack the Hedgehog & Patricia the Skunk. (as he flys away) And by the way Josh, you STILL need to go to a retirement home for being TOO OLD! (flys away)

Josh: (eyes turn crimson red)

Thomas: Chill, bro, chill... Don't raise your fists on that child. 

Jetris: Tch, he'll come back for more.

Louie: How dare he underestimate the Ancient Kings!

Josh: We'll strike him very hard once he comes back. But for now... Let's call the other Ancient Kings. Jack & Patricia, wanna come with us?

Jack: Sure

Patricia: By the way, what are the Ancient Kings?

Josh: Ancient Kings are the kings of the Ancient Dimension. Each one reigns an Ancient Continent. We're born of supreme power. I, the Ventilus King, have great intellect. Thomas, the Seaborgia King, has superhuman strength. Jetris, the Pyramus King, has incredible stamina. Louie, the Pyronia king, has super mechanical skills.

Patricia: That's very nice, but there's something I gotta tell you & promise that you won't get mad.

Josh: What is it?

Patricia: My mother, my sisters & I are witches.

Josh: What?!

Thomas: Uh, Josh, this witch is not as bad as you think. She's a... a... nrgh... Wait, what? 

Jetris: From the looks of her, she's a white witch. She hones the nature.

Patricia: Yes, that's right, Jetris.

Louie: Shall we go to Cryolus?

Jack: Wait, what's Cryolus?

Josh: The ice continent.

Patricia: Sorry, we don't know this place.

Jack: Infact, Patricia & I never seen the Ancient Dimention before.

Josh: Cryolus is the ice continent. We're here in my land, Ventilus, the wind continent.

We feel that the wind is blowing strong.

Jack: I don't get it.

Josh: ...

Jack: Cryolus? Ventilus? I had a feeling that we're not on Planet Mobius anymore.

Patricia: I had that feeling as well, Jack.

Josh: Remember what thou hath saith? Ye art in Ancient Dimension, not in thy Planet Mobius.

Jack: I have a question. Why are you talking in Medieval language like my Medieval Ancestor, Sir Craig & Patricia's Medieval Ancestor, the Witch of Dark?

Josh: ... because I'm an Ancient, why not say like that? So, shall we goeth to Cryolus?

Jack: Ok, but this is my first time being in the Ancient Diemention, that's why I don't know any of the places here.

Patricia: This is my first time too & I don't know any of these places as well.

Jack: Maybe you can give us a tour in this Ancient Diemention while we're done.

Josh: Okay...

Episode 2: Ancients' Legend

Josh: You're in Ventilus, the wind continent. Those who are enemies to me that trespass this continent shall be punished. All of the continents here are sacred, even the dark continent, which is cursed, is the Diablodia. I'll tell you a story why the continents formed:

"A long time ago, while the Ancient Leaders aren't born yet... The Major Ancienthogs live in their home: the Sacred Ancient Haven, a large mass of land. Since a ghosthog appeared, it seems he's a Major Ancienthog, who betrayed his fellow Ancienthogs. Then he plotted to have his own continent, separated from his former home. Then he fought against his fellow Ancienthogs. Suddenly, they fought this ghosthog until they defeated him. That ghosthog lost his physical appearance, meaning that his physical body has died. But he still live as a ghost. His destruction made the Sacred Ancient Haven's land around it separate into 7 continents. But I don't know where is the Sacred Ancient Haven. According to legends, it can only be reached if you have all the 7 treasures of the 7 continents. But then... The ghosthog captured one strong being & possessed him to get revenge."

Patricia: What an amazing story

Jack: Yeah

Josh: The being the ghosthog possessed is my close friend, Rey the Hedgehog. I have a dream that I won't ever forget. Soon, I will reunite with my queen, but not now.

Patricia: Who's the Ghosthog?

Josh: His name was unknown to me, but to his fellow Ancienthogs.

Jack: And who's the queen?

Josh: That you must don't know. The prophecy says that the Ancient Leaders must keep their queens sacred to them. They mustn't tell others about their queens. If we Ancient Leaders disobey the Ancient Prophecy, we will die.

Jack: (groans)

Josh: What art thou groaning at? That's not good to groan at me. At that, the Major Ancienthogs will punish thee...

Jack: I'm sorry, it's just that I was just frustrated about the new rules, that's all. Like I said, I don't know anything about your Diemention

Josh: There's nothing to be frustrating. My queen is sacred, that's all. Only the Ancient Leaders can hear this. Anyways, I'll show you a map. (gives them an AD map)

Jack & Patricia: (looks at the AD map) Whao!

Josh: U-Urgh...

Thomas: Bro, what's the matter?

Josh: W-what's this...? I don't know what I'm feeling..

Louie: What does he mean? Oh well, maybe he sick or-- '(notices a hedgecat sauntering toward the gang) Wait... WHAT?! I-i-i-i-it's...

Thomas: Whoa, what is IT?

Louie: The Ventilus Queen in t-the Prophecy! Of all times...

Jack: The Prophecy?

Thomas: Wow, he's lucky. His fate is met there.

Patricia: But why?

???: ...

Thomas: I really don't know, but I think I brought along with me a scroll of the Ancient Prophecy. Can you please read the prophecy? (hands Patricia the scroll of the prophecy)

Patricia: (reads the scroll) Wow, I see. It's a real honour Josh.

Jack: (reads the scroll) Oh yeah.

???: (appears with green waist-length hair) ...

Jack: Whao!

Patricia: Wow!

Josh: (looks at ???) I-it's her! My long lost childhood friend! But... why?

Patricia: Who is your childhood friend, Josh?

Josh: Wait, let me think... His Majesty wrote in the scroll that I need to go to Cryolus, but why the heck? It doesn't make sense to me. But anyways, I need to follow the prophecy. Sacred, okay? Let's go to Cryolus.

???: ... (disappears & goes to Cryolus)

Patricia: Ok then. I was just curious

Jack: I'm Josh's Best friend, I've met him when I was 10 Years old

Patricia: Oh ok then

Josh: But that lady... We've met since medieval ages. I'm 1237 yrs. old, she's about 1235 yrs. old. Again, we must go to Cryolus. (forms a portal) Let's go.

Noah: (Is in the area where the portal appears) Woah!

Josh: (sees Noah) Hey Noah, the Cryolus King. We need to talk in Cryolus.

Noah: Alright.

Josh: Let's go, everyone. (enters the portal)

Jack & Patricia: (follows Josh)

In Cryolus... the ice continent, where Noah reigns... Snow showers all over this continent.

Josh: This is getting more refreshing!

???: (sees them) ...

Jack: This is getting too cold if you ask me.

Patricia: Yeah, it's too cold for me & Jack.

Josh: (gives them fur coats each) That'll help you.

???: (notices them & walks toward them)

Jack & Patricia: (wears their Fur Coats) Thanks

Jack: (notices ???) Who are you?

Josh: (taps ???'s shoulder)

???: (was startled;  slowly turned her head, looking at Josh)

There was a moment of silence between the two.

Josh: Yuki, is that you?

???: M-me..? I am... Yuki?

Josh: Have you forgotten?

???: I guess so...

Patricia: That's a nice name.

Josh: Are you alright?

Yuki: I don't think I am...

Josh: Well, Patricia?

Patricia: Shall we get going, maybe Yuki can join us.

Yuki: I.. I would like to join.

Josh: Okay, let's go.

Jack: Right. So which way should we go now?

Josh: This... way. (goes north at the Blizzard Frost Castle)

Jack: Ok then (follows Josh)

Patricia: Okie dokie (follows Josh as well)

Yuki: (follows Josh)

Noah: Hmm today has been boring.

Josh: We're having a conversation, so come with me to your castle.

Jack: Alright then.

Patricia: Sure

Josh: Alright, let's go-- (notices that Noah is gone) What the?! (meditates) He's not here!

Jack: Then where'd he go?

Patricia: (meditates as well) He might be in great danger.

Yuki: In that case, I will find him. (disappears)

Josh: O_o Brace up guys!

Jack: What is it? Something important?

Patricia: (hears something coming) Something's coming. I can hear them.

Jack: What could it be, guys?

Josh: Those bots.

We hear lots of loud footsteps.

Jack: I can hear the footsteps too. Prepare yourselves guys, because they might be more of Dr. EggPlankton's Jack-4 Bots or Dr. EggRey's Robots.

Josh: Equera Bots, FYI. (gets to fighting stance)

Jack: Thanks for the tip (gets into his battle stance)

Josh: Here they come! (pulls out a Ventus Emerald and ascends to Rising)

Rising Josh: (runs in hyper speed)

Jack: (runs in super sonic speed)

Patricia: (coats her Skunk Tail with Energy & then runs)

Rising Josh: Taste THIS! Tornado Kick! (spins like a tornado and kicks a group of Equera Bots & Jack-4 Bots)

Thomas: (arrives) (pulls out a Pyrus Emerald and switches to Pyrus Form)

Pyrus Thomas: Blazing Punch! (jumps high & meteor-punches a group of Equera Bots & Jack-4 Bots)

Jack: Chaos Dragon! (turns into a full grown orange dragon by using his aura & then rams at a group of Jack-4 Bots & Equera Bots)

Patricia: Iron Tail! (jumps up & then spins around & then whacks at a group of Jack-4 Bots & Equera Bots by using Iron Tail)

Rising Josh: Done!

Jack: We've done it.

Suddenly, Equera Bots with the Jack-4 Bots surround the team.

Rising Josh: Uh, not really.

Jack: Looks like we're not done yet.

Patricia: And we're surrounded (uses Iron Tail at the Equera Bots & the Jack-4 Bots)

Rising Josh: Ugh. Tachyon...! (channels tachyon energy to his right feet) Kick. 

Rising Josh: (jumps to a group of Equera Bots & the Jack-4 Bots, & forms wind clones) 

The wind clones destroy the group of Equera & Jack-4 Bots through their Tachyon Kicks.

Rising Josh: Hmph. 

Pyrus Thomas: Take some fire. (shoots a stream of scorching flames from his hand at the Equera Bots & Jack-4 Bots)

Jack: Here I go! Chaos Ninjago! (spins around very fast, making a tornado around himself & then uses Chaos Ninjago at the Jack-4 Bots & the Equera Bots)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail once again at the Jack-4 Bots & the Equera Bots)

Rising Josh: They're getting too many. :/

Pyrus Thomas: We won't give up.

Jack: That's right & we must not lose! (his dragon core burns up & then transforms into Dragon Jack)

Dragon Jack: DRAGON JACK! (breathes fire at the Jack-4 Bots & the Equera Bots, trying to melt them in the process)

Pyrus Thomas: Shall we combine our attacks, Jack?


Pyrus Thomas: The main dish! (releases a huge stream of blue flames at the bots)

Dragon Jack: Let's do this! BOOSTED DRAGON!!! (starts breathes large amounts of fire)

An explosion occurred, wiping out 80% of the horde.

Pyrus Thomas: Whoa, was Drago here? Ha ha!

Patricia: Can I please join in the combination attack?

Rising Josh: With me, Patricia.


Patricia: Right. IRON TAIL! (starts using Iron Tail)

Rising Josh: Hurricane Iron Tail Slasher Strike! (kneads his wind energy into a large ethereal wind blade and infuses it with Patricia's Iron Tail)

Patricia: Let's do this! (starts using her Hurricane Iron Tail Slasher Strike)

A large explosion occured.

Rising Josh: Done. Wait. (sees a golden emerald) 1 Ultra Emerald. 6 more. (picks up the emerald)

Pyrus Thomas: Nice, let's go.

Dragon Jack: Alright. Lead the way! (carries Patricia on his back)

Rising Josh: (sees that they're on a cliff) Look, a cave. Maybe we could find something inside. (pulls out a Haos Emerald & switches to Haos Form)

Haos Josh: Seems legit.

Episode 3: Meeting a New Friend

Patricia: What should we do next?

Haos Josh: We must search for the treasure in that cave. 

Patricia: Okie dokie Joshie.

Dragon Jack: There's a treasure inside a cave?

Pyrus Thomas: What'd ya think?

Dragon Jack: I think it would be great if we check it out.

Patricia: (to Josh) Okie dokie Joshie

Haos Josh: (jumps off the cliff & lands safely) Let's go.

Patricia: Okie dokie (hops on her flying broom)

Dragon Jack: (flys off the cliff & then lands safely inside the cave)

Patricia: (flys off a cliff on her flying broom & then flies inside the cave & lands safely) (hops off her Flying Broom)

Pyrus Thomas: (jumps off the cliff & lands safely) (goes inside the cave)

Haos Josh: Shine. (shines, brightening the cave)

Jack: (turns back to normal) Nice one, now we can see clearly.

Haos Josh: Let's go. (walks) (sees a note) What's this?

Pyrus Thomas: It says, "Beware of the Pizaca." Pizaca?

Haos Josh: A humanoid monster with a large mouth that occupies its torso & abdomen. 

Pyrus Thomas: Ew.

Patricia: Just like my father's devil form? Cause my father named "Mr. E" has a devil form that has a large mouth on his stomach.

Haos Josh: Ew. 

Pyrus Thomas: Pizacas belong in the Ghost race. They also have two tentacles replacing their eyes. 

Haos Josh: Bleh. Wait, your father's form is not really like a Pizaca. Pizacas have a large mouth occupying its WHOLE chest & abdomen. That means... Your father's form is... a Vile. 

Patricia: Oh ok then.

Jack: A Vile? Guess there's some differences between a Pizaca & a Vile.

Josh: Viles are strong monsters.

Patricia: That's why my father is very strong & has unimaginable strength.

Haos Josh: Yep, Viles rely on strength.

Jack: Oh ok then

Patricia: But I'm not like my father. I'm sweet, kind & caring about others in need.

Haos Josh: What.

Pyrus Thomas: Be careful, there are some enemies.

Patricia: Okie dokie.

Jack: Got it.

Haos Josh: (walks to the east) Let's go.

Pyrus Thomas: Okay. (follows Josh)

Jack: Right (follows Josh & Thomas)

Patricia: Sure thing (follows Josh, Thomas & Jack)


Pizaca: AblUeblUeEbLu...

Sonic: A monster! (looks at its mouth) Whoa. Ah well, bring it on, Big Mouth! (spindashes at the Pisaca)

Pizaca: (got hit) ABluEbLueEblu....

Haos Josh: Look out! (fires a lightning bolt at the Pisaca)

Pizaca: (got hit & paralyzed)

Sonic: Whoa! Are you... the famed Ventilus King?

Haos Josh: It's you, Sonic, my friend. I am Josh the Hedgehog.

Sonic: Cool! 

Pyrus Thomas: Hey Sonic. I think you need some long-time-no-see souves, like here! Chili dogs. (throws a chili dog at Sonic)

Sonic: My favorite! (grabs the chili dog & eats it gently) Yum.. (gulps) Mm, thanks a lot... (looks at Pyrus Thomas) Wait a second, are you the famed Pyronia King, buddy?

Pyrus Thomas: Wait, I think I confused you with my color. Actually, I'm the Seaborgia King.

Sonic: Awesome!

Jack & Patricia: (arrives)

Jack: Hi Cousin Sonic, I see you've met my childhood friend, Josh the Hedgehog.

Sonic: You're his childhood friend? You're such a cool dude, Jack! :) I never thought you had an awesome friend such as a king!

Haos Josh: How did you get here, Sonic?

Sonic: I fell from the sky from a portal. Then I crashed in this dark cave until I saw a weird monster with a large mouth. 

Haos Josh: It's a Pizaca.

Sonic: When I woke up in here, I saw a golden emerald, but its color is different from any other Chaos Emeralds.

Haos Josh: Where is it?

Sonic: Oh, it's right here. (shows Josh the emerald)

Haos Josh: An Ultra Emerald.

Sonic: Is it yours? Okay, here's the emerald. (gives him the emerald)

Haos Josh: Thanks. (gets the emerald) 2 down, 5 more to go.

Jack: Thanks Sonic.

Patricia: Say, that's the same way we got here except that we've landed in a battle.

Jack: Because we've followed Dr. EggPlankton here to the "Ancient dimention" because we heard that Dr. EggPlankton & his EggPlankton Empire are about to conquer multiple dimentions like the "Sol Dimention"

Haos Josh: Really? However, his ways cannot change the fact that he has entered the dimension without knowing the future. It is because this dimension can't be entered by such beings that do not know how to get through here. Although that phytoplankton is smart, he doesn't know the Way of the Ancients. He ain't old like me, ha!

Sonic: Really? That's some kind of rare knowledge, buddy.

Haos Josh: He was just lucky to enter here because of the emerging of new dimensions, resulting to Nexus Rifts or time anomalies. You entered here because of that, too. Sonic landed here because of that, as well as his friends.

Pyrus Thomas: Hm... (inserts bombs inside the Pizaca's mouth

Jack: I know why Dr. EggPlankton is calling you old, because he's trying to make you crack & lose faith.

Haos Josh: Ha! Trying? Such mere teasing. He is kinda envious. Ha ha!

Pyrus Thomas: Let's get outta this cave, as I detonate the pyrotechnics inside that Pizaca, just in case he wakes up!

Patricia: Ok, let's have everybody ready. (hops on her flying broom, getting ready)

Sonic & Josh: Let's dash off! (they run off in supersonic speed)

Pyrus Thomas: Right! (dashes off in high speed, leaving trails of fire)

Jack: (runs off in super sonic speed)

Patricia: (flys on her flying broom in super sonic speed)

All of them rest on a cliff.

Pyrus Thomas: Right. (presses a button)

Pizaca: (awakens) AbBLuEbLUaBLEu... BLeH? (explodes) BlaAAaAaaRgHHhHh-- (voice fades as it got destroyed)

Haos Josh: Nice work.

Jack: Yeah, great job Thomas.

Pyrus Thomas: Thanks.

Sonic: We gotta search my friends in this dimension.

Haos Josh: Right.

Haos Josh & Pyrus Thomas: (they revert to normal)

Jack: Maybe we can split up, we can cover more ground that way.

Josh: No.

Thomas: We'll search 'em together. Let's go to Pyronia.

Patricia: Ok.

Jack: I have a question. What's wrong with my idea?

Josh: You're still here for the first time, Jack & Patricia, don't bother exploring yourselves without us Ancient Kings.

Thomas: Yep.

Jack: Oh right.

Patricia: I think I get it.

Josh: So let's go. 

Jack: Ok then

Patricia: Okie dokie

Josh: Ancient Control. (teleports everyone including himself to Pyronia)

Episode 4: Blazing Rescue

Jack: Wow, it sure is hot out here.

Patricia: It sure is.

Josh: This hotness comes from that volcano. (points at Mt. Calderius) And we might find someone inside its den.

Sonic: Agreed!

Thomas: Shall we haste, because it's quite hot in here? We need more water to drink.

Jack: Ok & let's make sure that Patricia doesn't release more of her Skunk Scent, because gas & fire both mix into an explosive fire.

Josh: Right, let's go. (goes to the Calderius Den)

Jack & Patricia: (follows Josh)

In the den...

Josh: It's so hot. Let's cool off for a moment. (concentrates cooled blood to run all over his body) Phew.

Thomas: (concentrates cooled blood to run all over his body) Hey, please drink these. You need them. (gives Jack, Patricia, & Sonic each a bottle with Circulus Water)

Jack & Patricia: (drinks their bottles of Circulus Water)

Sonic: (drinks Circulus Water from its bottle) Seems... sweet & saline. :D

Jack: Thank you, but I have the Attribute Arm Brace that can change into one of my 6 attributes.

Josh: Oh, that's artificial. Natural emeralds like the BakuEmeralds protect you. But I ain't holding them by now... 

Patricia: Oh ok then.

Jack: By the way, what kind of water did Patricia & I drank?

Josh: Circulus Water. It has positive special effects, like antiseptic, disinfectant, restoring temperature to normal, and even used as an internal medicine.

Jack: Oh ok then. Just asking.

Josh: I aim to inform.

Thomas: Well, let's proceed. (walks to the west) To the Orthlings we go!

Josh: Wait, that could be risky.

Thomas: I know, just follow me. 

Josh: Okay... (sighs as he walks to the west)

Jack & Patricia: (goes to the west)

Orthling: (growls & roars at Blaze)

Blaze: ... Hm? (sees the heroes)

Josh: Incoming! (pulls out an Aquos Emerald)


水 . . . 水. . . 水水 !

Aquos Josh: (fires orbs of water at the Orthling)

Orthling: (got hit & roars) (charges at Sonic)

Sonic: (spindashes at the Orthling) 

Jack: (spindashes at the Orthling)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail at the Orthling)

Orthling: (roars deeply & faints)

Aquos Josh: Oh hello.

Blaze: ... Hi.

Sonic: Hey Blaze.

Blaze: Oh, good to see you again, Sonic.

Sonic: Your Majesty, this is Blaze the Cat.

Aquos Josh: Nice to meet you, lady. I am the Being of the Wind, Josh the Hedgehog.

Blaze: Nice to meet you as well. Oh hello, Jack & Patricia.

Jack: Hi Blaze the Cat, long time, no see.

Patricia: Hi there Blaze. 

Aquos Josh: How have you been here?

Blaze: I fell from a time anamoly, entering this den. What's happening today?

Aquos Josh: Oh, time anamolies. It's because of the merging of dimensions.

Jack: Wait, the dimensions are merging?

Aquos Josh: Didst not thou heed my explanation?

Jack: Seriously, why are you keep talking the king's english like that? You know, I can only understand normal english.

Aquod Josh: (slaps Jack on the cheek) Let's go. 

Thomas: Okay guys, get ready. 

Jack: Ow, that really stings. Sorry, but I'm not from Medieval.

Patricia: Okie dokie guys.

Blaze: Let's go. 

Aquos Josh: Attack, win, escape. Attack, win, escape. Oh man. 

Aquos Josh, Blaze, Sonic, & Thomas: (dashes off to the exit) 

Jack & Patricia: (dashes off to the exit)

Suddenly, they were trapped inside because of lots of molten rocks.

Aquos Josh: O_o

Jack: What the?! Who plug up the exit?

Blaze: ...

Patricia: How do we get outta here? There's loads of molten rock blocking the exit.

Thomas: Not good. (sees 4 Orthlings) Four two-headed dogs. Shoot.

Aquos Josh: Hmph.

Sonic: That's a trap!

Aquos Josh: Yeah, I know. (shoots a beam of water at the 4 Orthlings)

Jack: Maybe I can be of assistance. (uses Chaos Splash at the 4 Orthlings)

The attacks fused & fends off the 4 Orthlings, making them flee.

Aquos Josh: (pulls out a Subterra Emerald)


土土土土土土土土 ! 土土土土土土土 !

Subterra Josh: (levitates the rocks barring the way) There.

Jack: Great, now we can get outta here with Blaze.

Patricia: Josh, can you lead us to our next destination?

Subterra Josh: Yep. There's more. (reverts to normal) 

Josh: Next is Seaborgia, the water continent. Maybe we could find one or two of Sonic's friends there.

Patricia: (hops on her flying broom) Maybe I give some of you guys a ride on my flying broom, just in case there's large amounts of water between the continents.

Jack: Good Idea, I need to rest my powers for later. (hops on Patricia's flying broom)

Josh: I have no problem with water, I can swim in supersonic speed.

Blaze: (hops on Patricia's flying broom) Alright.

Thomas: Yep, Josh.

Sonic: (hops on Patricia's flying broom) Can't swim... 

Josh: Oh, he's aquaphobic.

Thomas: Let's go.

Patricia: Right! (to Jack, Blaze & Sonic) Hold on! (flys off on her Flying Broom)

Jack: (holds onto Patricia's Flying Broom)

Josh: (floats) Follow me. (flies off to Seaborgia)

Thomas: (follows)

Patricia: (follows)

Jack: (still holding onto Patricia's flying broom)

Sonic: L-Let's go!

Jack: Right!

Patricia: Don't worry Sonic & Blaze, we'll find your friends.

Jack: Yeah, it's Patricia's & my duty is to help anybody in need, no matter how small they're problems are.

Josh: "No matter how BIG their problems are..."

Jack: Big, small, whatever. No matter how big or small their problems are.

Josh: Right, right.

Patricia: Anyways, we're almost there.

Josh: Alright.

Josh & Thomas: (flies off in supersonic speed)

Episode 5: The Brawly Meet-up 

Josh: Already waiting for you. (standing on water)

Thomas: Yep. (standing on water)

Patricia: Wait, how did you manage to stand on water like that?

Josh: I'm an Ancient with resistance to water. Same of Thomas' case. 

Jack: Oh right.

Thomas: Shall we go?

Jack: Yeah. But we can't stand on water like you two.

Patricia: I have a question. "Is there any land on Seaborgia?"

Josh: (chuckles) Of course! This can't be a continent without land. 

Thomas: This continent's composed of 3/4 water & 1/4 land. 

Jack: Then how do we find land for us to land the Flying Broom?

Thomas: -_-

Blaze: (an emerald falls from her hand) Oh!

Josh: (catches it) An Ultra Emerald. 3-4.

Jack: Where did you get that Ultra Emerald, Blaze?

Blaze: I found it in the den.

Jack: Guess that answers my question.

Patricia: Anyways, we still need to find all of Sonic's friends.

Josh: Okay, let's go...

Jack: You got it. (starts searching his friends)

Patricia: (starts searching her friends)

They see two friendly creatures surrounded by four Sahagin.

Jack: Whao, we've found two more & they're under attack

Patricia: We gotta help them

Jack: We need to find land so we can land the Flying Broom cause we can't stand on water.

Josh: Didn't you notice? We're on a sandy beach.

Jack: Oh right.

Patricia: (lands her flying broom on the beach) There we go, safe & sound. (hops off her flying broom)

Josh: Let's save 'em.

Tails: We're surrounded! Knuckles, let's fend them off

Knuckles: (flexs his muscles) You got it. (punches at the 4 Sahagins at full force)

Sahagins: (they flee)

Giant Sahagin: (appears from the sea) (roars loudly)

Tails: O_o

Josh: (transforms to Rising Form with a Ventus Emerald) Ha! Charybdicus Pressure! (sucks the Giant Sahagin in a huge whirlpool)

Giant Sahagin: (got sucked, but head appears above the water)

Josh: Patricia, whack his head with an Iron Tail!

Patricia: You got it ! (coats her tail with energy & then jumps up) Take that! (preforms Iron Tail to whack at the Giant Sahagin's head)

Giant Sahagin: (screechs in an ear-splitting sound & drowns in the sea)

Rising Josh: Nice. 

Patricia: (giggles) Thanks Josh.

Rising Josh: You're welcome.

Thomas: Guys, what are your names?

Tails: I'm Miles Prower, and my nickname is "Tails".

Knuckles: Knuckles the Echidna.

Jack: Hi Tails, Hi Knuckles.

Patricia: (to Tails & Knuckles) Long time no see, guys.

Knuckles: Hey.

Tails: Hey Jack & Patricia, long time no see!

Josh: Why are you here by now?

Knuckles: We fell from a time anomaly, leading to this beach.

Tails: Yeah, I think it's because of strange happenings today!

Josh: Yep.

Jack: Yeah because Dr. EggPlankton has made a dimensional portal that has been made to take over each & every dimension. Looks like you two had done the same thing like me, Patricia, Sonic & Blaze had.

Josh: Didn't you take notes of our discussion when before battling the Pizaca? This dimension IS sacred, meaning no one can enter this dimension, unless by an Ancient. Mere weaklings like that plankton can't enter this dimension.

Thomas: I'll explain further. From the looks of it, the universe is going strange. Dr. EggPlankton fell here because of the merging of the dimensions. He wished to conquer every dimension, However, this is accidental and he did not know.

Josh: I'll add something: Sonic and his friends fell here because of the dimension merge, same to Patricia & your case. Dr. EggPlankton, although smart, has NO way to enter except for strange happenings in the universe. Even Dr. EggRey. He just entered AD because of Bureincestor, the Bureinosapiens' ancestor. 

Tails: (writes on his notepad) Interesting, huh?

Jack: Hey, I'm not a mere weakling.

Thomas: You're not... I meant about that stupid zooplankton.. 

Jack: Oh, sorry. But I heard you said that the ancient dimension is sacred. Sacred to who exactly?

Josh: To the Ancients or Antiquians. Ancient is Sacred. 

Thomas: It is in the nature of AD. It has a planetary barrier that only Ancients can pass through it.

Patricia: But somehow I think the merging of dimensions must've disturb the barrier.

Josh: Correct. It haywires the barrier, accidentally teleporting these Mobians here.

Jack: That's why Patricia & I had accidentally got transported here with Dr. EggPlankton.

Josh: Yep.

Patricia: Guess we betta find the others quick.

Jack: I guess so. Come on, we gotta find the rest of the group.

Tails: Wait! Why so hasty? I found a golden emerald.

Josh: Please give it to me. That's an Ultra Emerald, a relic of the Ancients.

Tails: (gives Josh an Ultra Emerald) Alright.

Josh: 4-3.

Jack: Guys, why are you keep saying that I am hasty?

Patricia: Hold on, may I see this Ultra Emerald for a minute please? I'll try using my magic to see how much power this Ultra Emerald has.

Josh: [to Patricia] Sure. [to Jack] So haste not, my childhood friend. Patience, patience.

Jack: Alright, I'll wait.

Patricia: (holds onto the Ultra Emerald & then uses her magic to check how much power this Ultra Emerald, by medititating)

Josh: The Ultra Emeralds have loads of Ancient Energy, triggering an immense power surge to those who properly harness them. Non-Ancients can't use these, as these emeralds are for the Ancients, so instead of having inner powers activated, they will become a pseudo-Berserker, an ancient warrior who fought with a wild fury.

Jack: Wow.

Yuki: ... (appears and sighs) There's no trace of the Cryolus King...

Josh: The 7 Ultra Emeralds transforms me to Ultimate Form, & the 12 Infinity Emeralds transforms me to Infinity Form.

Jack: Nice. 

Josh: Yes.

Jack: Guess we both need to learn something from each other.

Patricia: (to Yuki) So Yuki, since you don't know me & my friend (points to Jack, who is waving hello to Yuki), allow me to introduce myself, my name is Patricia the Skunk & this is my friend, Jack the Hedgehog.

Jack: (to Yuki) Hi.

Yuki: Hi... 

Josh: My childhood friend is a bit of a quiet & detached one... 

Patricia: Maybe we can take some time to know each other better, Josh & Yuki.

Yuki: Sure...

Josh: I feel a bit of lonely... I miss my childhood friend... Man!

Jack: Don't worry, it's been 5 years since I last saw you. Your a great friend. (hi fives Josh)

Patricia: That's good to hear. (hugs Yuki)

Yuki: (hugged) I... didn't feel a hug before... But, it is... warm.

Josh: (hi-fives back) Yep.

Patricia: (to Yuki) A hug can be a lovely thing, it's like there's a pair of angel wings wrapped around your body gently. Maybe you should try giving a hug to me some other time & see how you feel when you hug me?

Yuki: :)

Patricia: (smiles back) I'll take that as a yes.

Jack: So what do you think we should now guys?

Josh: Let's go to Pyramus. 

Jack: Ok then. Maybe we can find more of Sonic's friends.

Patricia: (hops on her flying broom) (to Jack, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Blaze) Hop on guys. I'll give you guys a lift to Pyramus.

Jack: (hops on Patricia's Flying Broom)

Josh: No need. Ancient Control! (teleports himself & the others to Pyramus)

Yuki: I need to do some assistance. (disappears)

Episode 6: The Nasty Surprise

They all landed in Pyramus.

Josh: Nice.

Patricia: Wow, we're here.

Josh: Guh, I'm getting blind in here, because of these sandstorms. It's not disastrous. (wears goggles)

Jack: Oh ok then, no wonder there's sand blowing into my eyes. I can't see a darn thing through a sand storm.

Josh: (gives them each a pair of goggles) Here.

Thomas: Thanks, bro. (wears the pair of goggles)

Sonic: Thanks your Majesty. (wears the pair of goggles)

Blaze: Thank you. (wears the pair of goggles)

Tails: Oh, thanks! (wears the pair of goggles)

Knuckles: Thanks. (wears the pair of goggles)

Jack: Yeah, thanks. (wears a pair of goggles)

Patricia: Thank you, Joshie. (wears a pair of goggles)

Josh: So, let's find someone.

Jack: And fast before something terrible happens.

Josh: Nah, don't add. (meditates) No people here... (sees an envelope) Hm? (picks it up & reads the letter inside it)

Diablodia HQ

Diablodia Continent, Ancient Dimension

March 19, 3234

My archenemy Josh the Hedgehog,

Are you looking for golden emeralds? Come, for I have seen three of them. If you don't believe me, I'll just send forces to destroy you and your friends. The emeralds are found in the HQ, but you need to defeat my Titans first. Now, let the challenge commence.

Your archenemy,

Dr. EggRey

Josh: What a psychopath.

Jack: EggRey's a psychopath? And I thought EggPlankton was crazy.

Josh: Ugh.

Jack: What do you think we should do about it?

Patricia: Shall we continue with our journey?

Josh: ... We will execute that EggRey, which is part of our journey. 

Jack: But what about the rest of Sonic's friends?

Josh: We're late to that matter. We're going to save them from EggRey.

Patricia: But how can we find EggRey in this Dimention. He could be anywhere.

Thomas: Uh, he can be found that easy. He's anywhere? He always stays in his HQ.

Patricia: But I don't know anything about Dr. EggRey & Jack doesn't even know him. We both barely met him.

Josh: You have heard the answer. Just follow us...

Thomas: Let's go.

Jack & Patricia: Ok Josh.

Patricia: Sorry Josh.

Josh: No problem, Patricia. (forms a portal) There.

Josh, Thomas, Sonic, Blaze, Tails, & Knuckles: (they enter the portal together)

Jack & Patricia: (enters the portal together)

In Diablodia...

Patricia: Are you sure Yuki wants to come with us?

They saw that there was no trace of Yuki.

Josh: She disappeared? She's maybe in Telepathic Mode. She can travel anywhere in that mode.

Patricia: Ok, but I had a feeling in my heart about Yuki. She is very sweet, kind & caring like me. It's like that she is the older sister that I ever had.

Josh: She's dear to me.... my best childhood friend... Yuki looks like her... I remember what I said to her. She had a platinum heart... It's like that she's my destined queen... 

Jack: (gasps) A platinum heart? I never heard of that legend before.

Patricia: I do. The Platinum heart is like the purest of all hearts. Even purer than a heart of gold. (gets on her knees & bows) She is very worthy, I am not.

Josh: W-Wha? Man, you are just like the same. :)

Jack: Oooookay?

Josh: Oooooh. 'Kay, Jack.

Thomas: That story is thrilling... Well. Let's go.

Jack: Oh alright then. By the way, I'm not even sure what a Platinum Heart is exactly. I thought it was just a myth.

Josh: [to Jack] Oh, that's fine. [to Patricia] Patricia, you two with my-- err, I mean with Yuki... You are both pure in heart. You're both worthy! :) This is my word of encouragement for you, Patricia.

Patricia: (blushes) Aww, thanks Joshie. (kisses Josh's cheek) This is my way of saying "thanks".

Josh: You're welcome. Y'know, I like polite women. Especially when they kiss me lightly. 

Patricia: (blushes even more) Aww, thanks for the nice compliment, Josh.

Josh: You are most welcome.

Patricia: Josh, you lead the way.

Josh: Of course.

Jack: We're with you all the way.

Sonic: Yep!

Blaze: Always.

Tails: Yeah!

Knuckles: Yup, all the way.

Jack: Alright, let's go stop that Mad Doctor EggRey.

Josh: And that psychopath EggPlankton...

Patricia: Alrighty then. Let's check to see if there's guards guarding this castle.

We see guards sleeping inside the castle.

Josh: Pfft. Let's hustle. (carefully walks)

Sonic: Let's be quiet.

Thomas, Sonic, Blaze, Tails, & Knuckles: (they carefully walk)


Josh: O_o

The guards run off to the throne hastily.

Josh: Let's go! 

Josh, Thomas, Sonic, Blaze, Tails, & Knuckles: (they run off to the throne)

Jack: Hey, wait for us!

Jack & Patricia: (follows them)

Patricia: I wonder what caused the explosion?

Jack: Not sure, but let's find out when we get inside.

Inside the throne room...

Shadow: ... You look like Eggman, huh?

Dr. EggRey: Am I Eggman, you halfwit?

Shadow: Shut up. Now I'm going to utterly destroy you! 

Equera Bots appear in the scene.

Shadow: Such an amateur... (throws Chaos Spears at the Equera Bots, one by one) Is that all you've got?

Dr. EggRey: You're not the only one who can shoot projectiles! (fires a laser beam from his antennae)

Shadow: (evades it by skating around the field) (shoots a Chaos Spear at Dr. EggRey at point-blank range)

Dr. EggRey: Aaah! (jumps off his throne seat but stumbles on floor) Ow!

Josh, Thomas, Sonic, Blaze, Tails, & Knuckles: (they arrive)

Josh: Just in time.

Jack & Patricia: (arrives)

Jack: And it looks like someone has beat us to it. Look! (points to Shadow) That's my rival !

Josh: I care not. (unleashes Ancientcalibur) He's kinda a rival to anyone. 

Shadow: (gets a golden emerald) Let's see what this emerald can do.

Patricia: Shadow, please give us the Golden emerald back?

Shadow: And who are you?!

Josh: Shut this, black hedgehog. Please give us the emerald. I have a good proof. I am the Ventilus King, Josh the Hedgehog. And we are looking for that emerald.

Shadow: Fine. ¬_¬ (throws the Ultra Emerald at Josh)

Josh: (catches it) Thank you. 5-2, huh? (turns to Dr. EggRey) Saa, shoutaimu da! (Now, it's Showtime.)

Jack: I have no idea what you just said, but all can I say is, "Let's do this!"

Dr. EggRey: Very well then. Face the power of my new creations!

Earthen Metal Titan & Arctic Metal Titan appears.

Josh: O_o

Shadow: Hmph.

Dr. EggRey: Fear the power of my Titans!!! Hah hah hah!

Patricia: Whao, that's new.

Jack: But anything's new is a new challenge to me & Patricia.

Earthen Metal Titan: (charges at the heroes)

Shadow: (throws Chaos Spears at the Earthen Metal Titan, but can't damage it) Great!

Josh: WTH!

Blaze: Let's try this. (throws lots of fireballs at the Earthen Metal Titan)

Earthen Metal Titan: (receives some damage) ...

Josh: He's impervious to electricity & physical attacks, I guess. (sighs)

Shadow: Grrr... (has a Chaos Emerald) (teleports behind the Earthen Metal Titan) Chaos...

Earthen Metal Titan: (shrugs at Shadow with its hand)

Knuckles: INCOMING! (jumps up to Shadow & takes the damage for Shadow) Guuh!

Josh: Knux! 

Jack: Alright, this is getting serious! Stand back everyone, I'm preparing my most deadliest move yet & that's Chaos Bone Crusher!

Earthen Metal Titan: Oh really? No such power can beat me like this.

Inside the Titan, a golden emerald shines.

Josh: WTH, Jack. We don't know what's his resistance yet.

Shadow: BLAST! (blasts a huge energy dome)

We see a red gleam of light.

Josh: Guuh!

Earthen Metal Titan: (seems unaffected) 

Josh: SEE! Every chaos thrown on him is getting useless!

Arctic Metal Titan: (charges at the heroes)

Jack: (yells) THEN WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO USE!?!?!?

Patricia: (got scared by Jack's loud voice) EEK! (accidently sprays her skunk scent at the titans)

Dr. EggRey: (coughs) 

Earthen Metal Titan: Grrr... Fart girl!

Arctic Metal Titan: Raaah!

Josh: Stop. Yelling. You. Idiot! (slaps Jack hard)

Jack: Then stop slapping my face & stop calling me an idiot, Josh! Can't you see I'm trying to figure out how to stop those titans from wrecking us?

Josh: And disrespecting me, Jack? Figuring out a plan is THINKING, Jack! Not trying without thinking!

Thomas: It's because of no analysis... Wait. Okay, you stop yelling Jack, I've had enough!

Josh: (Never thought me as an Ancient Leader.. How pitiful.)

Jack: And I don't have any attacks that can stop those titans, not even my spindash can stop them cause they're immune to physical attacks! And by the way, I don't know how to think in battle!

Josh: I can help. Use your Attribute Arm Brace. They're immune to physical attacks & Chaos Powers. A disadvantage... 

Jack: Ok then, which attribute am I gonna use?

Josh: You could use Pyrus attribute. (holds up a Pyrus BakuEmerald) Henshin..


'火  . . . 火 火 '火 !

Pyrus Josh: Henshin complete..

Jack: Ok then, here goes nothing! (activates the Rainbow Emeralds on his Attribute Arm Brace) Change of Attribute, Pyrus (transforms to his Pyrus Form)

Pyrus Jack: PYRUS JACK!

Pyrus Josh: Let's go. (conjures a flare ball & throws it at the Titans)

Pyrus Jack: Got it ! (fires a group of fireballs at the titans)

Earthen Metal Titan & Arctic Metal Titan: (got harmed) (charges back at the heroes)

Patricia: Maybe I can help you two by using my Skunk Scent to increase the power of your fire

Pyrus Josh: Sure thing. (conjures a large flare ball)

Pyrus Jack: (conjures a large fire ball)

Patricia: (gets on his hands & feet & aims her butt at EggRey & the titans) Ok, I'm ready.

Dr. EggRey: There goes that shot again...! [to the Titans] Watch out! Harness the emerald's power!

Earthen Metal Titan & Arctic Metal Titan: Yes Master! (their dark aura appear)

Pyrus Jack: What are those titans doing now?

Pyrus Josh: They're activating something weird.

Thomas: O_o

Pyrus Jack: Whatever this is, that doesn't sound good. We gotta use our fire powers & Patricia's skunk gas against them now.

Pyrus Josh: Let's do this! (strengthens the flare ball)

Pyrus Jack: You got it ! (strengthens his fire ball)

Patricia: Okie dokie, Joshie! (gets ready to spray)

Pyrus Josh: (throws the flare ball at the Titans, not titans)

Pyrus Jack: (throws the fire ball at the Titans)

Patricia: (sprays her skunk gas at the Titans)

An explosion occured.

Patricia: Take that you villianous titans.

We see that the Titans are unaffected due to a power surge of their cores.

Earthen Metal Titan & Arctic Metal Titan: (aura increases) Gwahahahahaha!

Pyrus Josh: O_O (Seems that they have Ultra Emeralds as their power source. I need to remove it from them, but I need more timing to do that perfectly. So, we might make them distracted. Through SPEED.) 

Pyrus Jack: Oh man, how was that even possible?

Patricia: I'm not sure.

Pyrus Josh: (whispers to Jack & Patricia) They have Ultra Emeralds as their power source..

Pyrus Jack: Oh yeah. We need to get these Ultra Emeralds away from those Titans & try our fire type combonation attack again.

Patricia: Anyone got any ideas?

Pyrus Josh: Here's the plan. You two need to weaken the Titans, then I'll remove their energy source. (pulls out a Ventus Emerald)

Pyrus Jack: Not a problem.

Patricia: Good luck Josh.

Pyrus Jack & Patricia: (goes up to the titans)

Pyrus Jack: Hey Titans, if you want me & Patricia, come & get us!

Patricia: Yeah, hate to be rude but...(blows a raspberry at the Titans)

Pyrus Jack: (carries Patricia, bridal style & starts running around the Titans in super sonic speed)

Earthen Metal Titan: Hm?

Arctic Metal Titan: Hah! Fusion Attack: Tectocryogenic Fury! (makes the floor frozen solid)

Earthen Metal Titan: (starts punching the ground, & large icicles appear around them)

Pyrus Josh: (concentrates) Jack, melt the ice.

Pyrus Jack: Right ! Fire Blazer! (uses Fire Blazer to melt the ice)

Arctic Metal Titan: TOO HOT!!! (weak)

Earthen Metal Titan: (puts arms, guarding his whole body except the head, the feet, & the back)

Pyrus Josh: (transforms to Rising Form, engulfed in wind)

Rising Josh: Done this. Jack, the ice Titan is now very weak, your Chaos Bone Crusher will be effective. Remember, you can only use it ONCE per battle. 

Thomas: That means that stony Titan is left to be crushed. (power-charges)

Pyrus Jack: Got it, here goes nothing. CHAOS BONE CRUSHER!!! (uses Chaos Bone Crusher at the weakened Ice Titan)

Arctic Metal Titan: Gu-gu-gu-gu-gu-gu-GUAAAHHH!!! (explodes)

Rising Josh: (picks up Ultra Emerald) 6-1. One more and it's game over for the egg doctor!

Patricia: Now to weaken the other Titan.

Rising Josh: Thomas.

Thomas: Right! (transforms to Ventus Form through a Ventus Emerald)

Ventus Thomas: I'ma ready.

Patricia: I'm ready to spray my skunk scent again.

Pyrus Jack: Ok then, let's take down the Rock Titan 

Rising Josh: That one is a bit difficult. He is tougher than the ice Titan..

Patricia: Ok then. Should we work together for our combined attack?

Rising Josh: Sure thing, but we must plan a strategy.

Pyrus Jack: Ok then. So, what's the strategy?

Rising Josh: Okay, here it is. We weaken the Titan with fire attacks. The disadvantage is that your Chaos Bone Crusher is still recharging. So, that means, we'll dent the Titan's core to remove the emerald.

Patricia: Ok then. I'll use my skunk scent at the titan to boost up your Fire powers.

Rising Josh: I'm going to boost up & distract that Titan, while you dent its core.

Pyrus Jack: Got it

Patricia: Good luck.

Rising Josh: (turns to Earthen Metal Titan) (runs around it at hypersonic speed)

Pyrus Jack: (charges up for his Fire Blazer)

Patricia: (aims her butt at the Earthen Metal Titan)

Earthen Metal Titan: RRAAAHH!! (creates earthquake by stomping the ground)

Rising Josh: (got shaked & slips) Aaaahhh!! (crashes on wall) Ughh...

Pyrus Jack & Patricia: (got shaked as well & begins to wobble as well) Whaoao!

Pyrus Jack: Josh are you ok?

Patricia: (accidently sprays her skunk scent at the Earthen Metal Titan, due to the massive power of the earthquake) Whoops!

Earthen Metal Titan: (lets out a power surge, creating a shockwave that makes the stench of the skunk gas fill the air)

Rising Josh: (coughs) Flatulence problems... Get an anti-flatulence liniment... (shakes head) Great, that Titan's coughing that up! The darn stench!

Ventus Thomas: Hey, Patricia accidentally did it because of the earthquake. And we need to freshen the air. (summons good air to cleanse the stenchy air) There, we did it, Trish.

Patricia: Sorry guys, but that earthquake really scared the pants off of me.

Pyrus Jack: We still need to focus without the plan being backfired.

Rising Josh: Any attack would have a drawback, Jack.

Pyrus Jack: Oh ok then, let's try this again.

Patricia: This time we're ready (aims her butt at the Earthen Metal Titan)

Pyrus Jack: (gets ready to conjure a fire ball)

Rising Josh: (powers up)

Pyrus Jack: (begins charging up his fire balls)

Patricia: Ok then. We'll wait for the signal.

Rising Josh: (charges at Earthen Metal Titan)

Pyrus Jack: Good luck, Josh.

Rising Josh: (flies around Earthen Metal Titan in supersonic speed)

Earthen Metal Titan: And what's this sick joke? I'm tired of playing! (tries to punch Josh, but misses) He's super fast!

Rising Josh: (backflip-kicks at Earthen Metal Titan on the head)

Earthen Metal Titan: Argh!

Rising Josh: (snaps finger)

Pyrus Jack: (fires a series of fireballs at the Earthen Metal Titan)

Patricia: (sprays her skunk gas at the Earthen Metal Titan)

Both attacks turn into an explosive fury of fire.

Earthen Metal Titan: (got harmed) AAAGH!!! (crashes on wall very hard) '(falls on its chest, making a golden emerald fall from its core)

Rising Josh: (picks up the emerald) Nice, I have all the Ultra Emeralds.

Jack: (turns back to normal) Thanks

Patricia: Yeah thanks Josh (kisses Josh's cheek)

Rising Josh: You're welcome.

Dr. EggRey: Grr... Let's see if you defeat me with my strongest invention!

Episode 7: The Egghead Battle

Dr. EggPlankton (arrives on his EggPod along with the 4 HenchCombots, known as Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot) I'm baaaack!

Jack: EggPlankton?! What are you doing here?

Patricia: We thought that you left

Dr. EggPlankton: I never left the place. (singsong voice) And look what I got. (shows everyone Amy Rose trapped inside a thick tempered glass tank)

Sonic: Amy!

Amy: Sonic, please help me!

Dr. EggRey: Spectacular move you got there, EggPlankton. Now, let's make mincemeat outta these puny heroes!

Dr. EggPlankton: Right & it's time that I show you my first ever Jack-4 Bot (activates the first Jack-4 Bot known as, Jack-4 Commander)

Jack-4 Commander: My name is Jack-4 Commander & I am here to destroy you heroes. Prepare for a battle that you'll never forget. Resistance is futile. (gets in it's battle stance)

Jack: Alright, let's go stop those bad guys & save Amy!

Rising Josh: Some scrap metal! 

Arthur: Shall we start? (pulls out Darkus Emerald & transforms to Rising Form)

Rising Arthur: Let's go... (summons Geasscalibur)

Thomas, Jetris, & Louie: (they each pull out their own corresponding BakuEmerald & they transform to Rising Form) (they summon their own Geasscalibur)

Rising Josh: (summons Geasscalibur) It's Showtime.

Jack & Patricia: (charges at the Jack-4 Commander)

Jack: You guys stop the doctors, while Patricia & I will take care of the robot, cause we've fought that robot before. If that's ok with you guys.

Rising Josh: In this dimension, you have no right to do that. I will plan this one!

Rising Thomas: Yep. (slashes at Jack-4 Commander)

Jack: Well this really bites! Why didn't you tell me?

Jack-4 Commander: (punches at Rising Thomas)

Rising Thomas: (grabs Jack-4 Commander's fist) Guys, do some awesome teamwork! (tries to crush Jack-4 Commander's fist with his super stength)

Jack-4 Commander: (punches at Rising Thomas' face)

Rising Thomas: Another fist, coming up. (grabs the fist & tries to crush it)

Jack: (tries to spindash at Jack-4 Commander)

Patricia: (tries to use Iron Tail at Jack-4 Commander)

Rising Arthur: (slashes at Jack-4 Commander with Geasscalibur)

Jack-4 Commander: (got hit by all the attacks, but manages to survive) (fires his Machine Gun Hand, firing ammo at the Heroes)

Rising Josh: (got hit by three bullets, but then creates a force field to protect himself & the others) Urrgh..

Rising Thomas: Lemme help, bro. (removes the bullets & heals the wounds slowly with his Ancient ability)

Patricia: Let me help you too. Chaos Heal. (uses Chaos Heal to help Thomas heal Josh's wounds)

Jack-4 Commander: (tries to break the force field by punching at it numerous of times with his Strong Platinum Hands)

Jack: We need a plan to stop that robot & save Amy, but how?

Rising Jetris: Incoming! (forms a big stalactite below Jack-4 Commander, trying to hit him & interrupt his attack)

Jack-4 Commander: (got hit by the attack) Sneaky attack had been contacted. Commence counter attack (punches at the ground, trying to create large earthquakes)

The stalactite break into small rocks.

Rising Jetris: Counter-ability! (uses his Isostasy Ability, stopping the earthquakes) Heh!

Jack-4 Commander: I see that they're smarter than I faced. This is more challenging than I thought. Time to bust out the big guns! (fires his JackCannons, firing rockets at the Force Field, trying to break it)

Rising Josh: Can't hold on... (force field breaks) Urgh! 

Rising Thomas: Stop this, you bucket of rust! (fires pressured water at Jack-4 Commander)

Jack-4 Commander: (got splashed on & sparks a bit)

Rising Arthur: Direct hit.

Sonic: You heap of junk, try me! (rolls into a ball & spins around Jack-4 Commander in supersonic speed)

Rising Josh: (creates a tornado around Jack-4 Commander, thus increasing Sonic's speed even more)

Jack: (rolls into a ball & spins around Jack-4 Commander, joining up with Sonic) Mind if I join in, Cous? For old time sakes?

Sonic: Yeah!

Patricia: (quietly sneaks up to the glass chamber with Amy inside it) (quietly) Don't worry Amy, we'll save you.

Amy: Thanks for caring for me, Patricia!

Meanwhile with the battle, a tornado forms around Jack-4 Commander.

Jack-4 Commander: What kind of trickery is this?

Jack: No trick, just a double tornado by me & Sonic, with a boost by Josh.

The tornado begins to attack Jack-4 Commander.

Jack-4 Commander: (got hit by the winds & tries to use his weight to not be carried away)

Rising Josh: (shoots a whirlwind beam at Jack-4 Commander)

Jack-4 Commander: (got hit & tries to hang on)

Patricia: Hmm, how can I break the tempered glass? (starts thinking) I got it, maybe I'll try using Iron Tail to break the glass.

Sonic: (quick-barrages at Jack-4 Commander with spindashes)

Jack: (follows Sonic by executing quick-barrages at Jack-4 Commander with spindashes as well)

Jack-4 Commander: (got hit by loads of Spindashes & felt the damages on him) Pay, pay, your all gonna pay.

Patricia: (tries to break the glass chamber with "Iron Tail")

Sonic: Pay, pay? Alright, pay me! (charges for a spindash) 

Rising Josh: Jack, combination attack with Sonic!

Jack: You got it ! (charges for a spindash)

Jack-4 Commander: (charges up his Jack Cannons)

Rising Josh: (keen eye) (shoots centrifugal shots at the JackCannons)

Jack-4 Commander: (activate his rocket hand at the centrifugal shots)

Rising Josh: Wow, you're one skilled robot. But... Try this one for size. 

A clone of Josh jumps & executes a Rider Kick at the JackCannons with blinding speed.

Jack-4 Commander: ! (tries to block the attack by activating his barrier)

Josh's clone hits the barrier with full strength, then...

Rising Josh: Face THIS. (executes a tachyon roundhouse kick at the barrier repeatedly)

Jack-4 Commander: (tries to hold on)

Jack: Whao, Josh is good. How are you doing, Patricia?

Patricia: (panting) I'm kept on trying to break the tempered glass with my Iron Tail, but it appears to be very strong glass, but I will never give up.

Amy: Keep on going, Patricia, you can do it! :)

Patricia: Okie dokie Amy. (coats her skunk tail with energy) Here I go! (keeps on using Iron Tail at the tempered glass, trying to break it)

(The Tempered Glass begins to crack)


Rising Josh: (still damaging the barrier with tachyon roundhouse kicks)

Jack-4 Commander: (his barrier begins to crack a bit)

Jack: Do you mind, if I can help you break down the barrier with my attacks?

Rising Josh: Go ahead & do your best. 

Jack: (spindashes at the barrier multiple times)

Rising Josh: Time to boost up. Tachyon... Homing Attack! (executes repeated tachyon spindashes at the barrier)

Jack: (boosts up his spindashes with more power)

Jack-4 Commander: (his barrier begins to crack even more by 2 charged attacks) What is this?

Jack: We're almost there. We just gotta break the barrier with our combined attack.

Rising Josh: Multi Tachyon Strike! (executes repeated tachyon side-kicks at the barrier)

Jack: Chaos Ninjago! (uses Chao Ninjago at the barrier & his Chaos Ninjago gets stronger with every hit)

Jack-4 Commander: (his barrier cracks even more & it's about to break) Two can play in this game.

Rising Thomas: Face THIS! (punches at the barrier with full strength)

Jack-4 Commnader: (his barrier is now broken) Impressive.

Sonic: Take some! (spindashes at Jack-4 Commander, but can't damage him; instead he got damaged) YEEOOW! Ow ow ow! That hurts! My leg!

Rising Thomas: O_o Sonic!

Rising Josh: (He seems a very tough foe in terms of physical defense.) Sonic! (runs to Sonic)

Jack: (goes up to Sonic) Cous, are you ok? What happened?

Sonic: Looks like my leg's in trouble. I need some assistance here!

Rising Josh: I'll help. I'm an Ancient, but I can do Chaos Powers. Chaos Heal. (puts his hands on Sonic's injured leg, creating a green aura from Josh's hands, healing Sonic slowly)

Sonic: Chaos... Powers? Like Shadow?

Rising Josh: We are Antiquians, but we're not purely Mobians like you. So Mobians like you can use Chaos Powers with a Chaos Emerald. But unlike our case, we can use Chaos Powers at will, because of our Ancient magic. However, we cannot use Chaos Powers extensively.

Jack: Wow, nice. Anyways, let's check with Patricia to see if she has freed Amy, just in case.

Rising Arthur: Wait, we gotta beat that robot down... (charges at Jack-4 Commander)

Jack: Alright then. Let's go! (charges at Jack-4 Commander)

Rising Arthur: (fires psychic orbs with his Geasscalibur at Jack-4 Commander)

Jack: Chaos Flare! (uses Chaos Flare at Jack-4 Commander)

Jack-4 Commander: (tries to hold on)

Rising Arthur: Huh. (fires a dark beam at Jack-4 Commander)

Jack-4 Commander: (got hit by all 3 attacks) Hm...

Rising Louie: (breaths a roaring flame sphere at Jack-4 Commander)

Jack-4 Commander: (got hit by the blast)

Patricia: (nearly broken the tempered glass chamber after using Iron Tail, loads of time) (panting) I'm nearly done.

(The Tempered Glass begins to crack even more)

Rising Jetris: Go go GO! (throws a huge boulder at Jack-4 Commander)

Jack-4 Commander: (tries to break the huge boulder, by punching at it with his metal fist)

The huge boulder was punched & has a dent on it, but not brittled.

Rising Jetris: Hah! (summons a stalactite underneath Jack-4 Commander, attempting to slab its core)

Jack-4 Commander: (got stabbed) No! This can't be happening, not again!

Rising Jetris: ... (punches at Jack-4 Commander)

Jack-4 Commander: (got punched) You'll pay. (punches at Rising Jetris)

Rising Jetris: (got punched, dealing significant damage) You're good. (cracks neck) Hmph.

Jack-4 Commander: (fire his machine gun ammo at the heroes)

Jack: (tries his best to dodge the bullets)

Rising Jetris: (teleports to a safe area & forms an earthen wall to protect the others from the bullets)

Jack: Thanks Jetris.

Rising Jetris: As the Pyramus King, I'm willing to help. (creates stalactites around Jack-4 Commander & the stalactites move closer to each other)

Jack-4 Commander: What kind of trickery is this?

Jack: Jetris, may I please attack this time?

Rising Josh: Don't get hurt.

Jack: y. (spindashes at Jack-4 Commander)

Rising Josh: (Wait, that spindash won't work...) (shoots wind spheres at Jack-4 Commander)

Jack-4 Commander: (got hit by both attacks & tries to hold on)

Jack: Jack-4 Commander's tough, but that robot leaves me no choice. I'm preparing for my dealiest attack yet. Stand back! I don't want anyone's bones to be broken when I execute my deadliest move ever.

Rising Josh: Go ahead, while I distract him. But first, concentration is needed! (forms a tornado around Jack-4 Commander)

Jack-4 Commander: (can't see through the tornado because of his heavy damages) What is going on?

Jack: (starts concerntrating on preforming his deadliest move yet)

Rising Josh: Go! (stops the tornado)

Jack: CHAOS BONE CRUSHER!!! (uses Chaos Bone Crusher to crush all the robotic parts of Jack-4 Commander)

Jack-4 Commander: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! (his power begins shuting down due to much critical damage) I'll...geeeet...yoooooou...foooooooooooooor...thiiiiiiiiiiiis! (shuts down completly)

Rising Josh: Until we meet again, bucket of rust!

Sonic: So... We gotta save Amy! (spindashes at the tempered glass)

Jack: Ok then. (spindashes at the tempered glass)

Patricia: We will never give up! And we're gonna win for all our friends! (her tail now begins to glow golden) Whao, what's happening?

Rising Josh: As you improve using Iron Tail, your desire reacts to your powers. Now go hit the tempered glass with that empowered Iron Tail!

Patricia: Right ! (charges at the tempered glass at full speed) Here I go! (jumps up & uses the empowered Iron Tail at the tempered glass)

Rising Josh: ... (quiet)

The Tempered Glass then begins to break open, freeing Amy in the process.

Patricia: Are you ok, Amy?

Amy: Yeah. Thanks Patricia. You're one great friend! :)

Patricia: Your welcome Amy, cause that's what friends are for. ^^

Sonic: So, let's chase those eggheads!

Amy: Yeah, Sonic's right!

Jack: EggPlankton, you & your new partner are going down!

Dr. EggPlankton: (growls) We're not giving up yet.

Dr. EggRey: Heh! Chase us if you can! (goes to his robot that transforms into an airship named Equera EX Machina) Meet your ultimate doom, heroes! Mwahahahaha!

Equera EX Machina: (transforms back to Giga Mode & pulls out its Darkbolt Samurai)

Dr. EggPlankton: (goes up to the Giant Hawk Robot) Behold, my new power! Chum Hawk, go! (goes inside the Chum Hawk & controls the Giant Battle Suit)

Chum Hawk: (starts hovering above the ground, right next to the Equera EX Machina)

Rising Josh: Well, well... If it isn't his Equera EX Machina & that avian machine.

Rising Louie: Lemme scan that new model. (scans the Chum Hawk with his TechnoScanner)

Target acquired. Machine name: Chum Hawk. Pilot: Dr. EggPlankton. Abilities: It obviously has the ability to fly. It has a wide arsenal of weapons. 

Sonic: Now's the time to get serious! 

Rising Josh: Wanna have a big boost? (passes his Ventus Emerald to Sonic)

Sonic: Thank you, your Majesty. (bows) 

Rising Josh: For a pure Mobian to unleash the powers of the BakuEmeralds, you must release your energy to full potential. 

Sonic: Right! Haaaaah... (concentrates) 

Jack: What are BakuEmeralds exactly?

Rising Josh: They are one of the Ancient Relics in this dimension. They can only be invoked by the pure in heart. To unleash the BakuEmeralds' full potential, you must concentrate & release your full energy.

Jack: (confused because he is 12 years old) Full...potential?

Rising Josh: (Even a 12-year old being doesn't know what's full potential? A rare phenomenon.) Having the complete ability or capacity for growth, development, or coming into being. 

Jack: Okay?

Rising Josh: ...

Patricia: Don't worry, Jack's only a kid.

Rising Josh: Oh, I know. Sorry.. 

Jack: That's ok. I don't even have a Super Form.

Patricia: Me neither.

Rising Josh: Okay, let Sonic & the Ancient Leaders, including me, to beat those fools.

Dr. EggRey: Tech-Fusion! (presses the big red button) Now, EggPlankton.

Dr. EggPlankton: Only my Chum Beater can fuse with yours, but whatever. (about to press the button, until....)

The HenchCombots arrive.

Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot: (inside the 4 Chum Bodyguards, which are large Pac-Man like Robots)

Redbot: (inside the Red Chum Bodyguard) Let us take care of those menaces so you can fuse.

Greenbot: (inside the Green Chum Bodyguard) (cowboy's voice) Y'all betta get going & start the fusion, while me buddies & I distract those thieving vermin for our master, Dr. EggPlankton.

Yellowbot: (inside the Yellow Chum Bodyguard) Yeah.

Bluebot: (inside the Blue Chum Bodyguard) And please don't send me in the shark tank again, master.

Rising Josh: Fools, as you are. Sonic, go!

Sonic: (temporarily in Semi-Rising Mode) (teleports at the center of the field) HAAAAAAAHHHH!!! (unleashes a surge of energy, causing a large flare of light to expand)

Dr. EggRey: What the Equera is this?! (covers eyes from the light)

Dr. EggPlankton: Whatever this is, this has to stop! (presses the red button) HenchCombots, block the blast for us!

HenchCombots: (controls the Chum Bodyguards to go in front of EggPlankton & EggRey & tries to protect them from the light)

Episode 8: The Rising Blue Blur

Rising Sonic: (appears from the smoke & powers up)

Rising Josh: Even non-Ancients can use the BakuEmeralds, y'know.

Rising Arthur: Let us defeat evil for peace!

Jack: Ok, if you say so. (charges at the villains)

Patricia: (charges at the villains)

Rising Sonic: Stop. (lets out his hand at the front of Jack & Patricia) You attack the bodyguards. The Ancient Leaders & I will take care of those eggheads.

Jack: Alright cousin, if you say so.

Patricia: Sure thing Sonic.

Rising Sonic: Alright, let's go! (charges at the villains in hypersonic speed)

Rising Josh: Ancient Leaders...

Ancient Leaders (Rising Form): ASSEMBLE!!! (Josh charges at the villains in hypersonic speed, while the other Ancient Leaders in supersonic speed only)

Jack & Patricia: (charges at the HenchCombots)

Dr. EggRey: Let's ATTACK! 

Equera EXM: (fires its Plasma Cannon at the heroes)

Dr. EggPlankton: Right!

Chum Hawk: (fires its Barrages at the heroes)

Rising Sonic: (spindashes at the barrages, repelling them)

Rising Josh: (dodges the plasma shot)

Rising Arthur: (teleports on the Chum Hawk & fires psi orbs at it)

Dr. EggPlankton: (growls) You'll pay for that!

Jack: Oh yeah? (spindashes at the Blue Chum Bodyguard)

Bluebot: Gah!

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail at the Yellow Chum Bodyguard)

Yellowbot:  Whao there!

Chum Hawk: (fires Dark Matter Barrages at the Heroes)

Rising Sonic: Incoming!

Rising Louie: This is great! (fires his fireballs at the dark matter shots)

Rising Jetris: Iron Sand Rain! (fires iron sand needles at the villains)

Dr. EggPlankton: Alright, your going down!

Jack: (spindashes at the Red Chum Bodyguard)

Redbot: Ouch!

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail at the Green Chum Bodyguard)

Greenbot: Ow, I'd reckon that hurt.

Rising Jetris: Yes, YOU are going down!

Dr. EggRey: I think not! 

Equera EXM: (cannot move its arms)

Dr. EggRey: What?! (pulls & pushes the throttle in anger) What did you fools do?!

Rising Jetris: Simple. I clotted the joints of your robot with iron sand. It has a special magnetic force that can immobilize machines. (grins)

Dr. EggPlankton: Oh yeah? Did you forget about the missiles?

Rising Jetris: !

Rising Josh: Nope, we didn't! (throws Rising Sonic to the missile battery)

Rising Sonic: (spindashes to the missile battery in supersonic speed) RISING SPINDASH!!!

Dr. EggPlankton: Oh no you don't. (tries to fire the missiles at Rising Sonic)

Rising Sonic: (spindashes at the missiles, group by group) (finally reaches to the missile battery & executes Rising Spindash)

Jack & Patricia: (nods each other & then preforms their attacks)

Jack: (preparing a spindash by curling himself into a ball) Now!

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail to give Jack's Spindash a super boost) GO!

Jack: (uses a super sonic spindash at the Chum Bodyguards)

HenchCombots: GAAAH!

Chum Bodyguards: (got hit & felt a bit off balanced)

Rising Jetris: Support attack. Iron Sandstorm! (forms a magnetic sandstorm in the field)

Rising Josh: Great.  

Jack: Chaos Ninjago! (uses Chaos Ninjago) Mind if I use Chaos Ninjago to help?

Patricia: Hold your noses cause I'm gonna spray my Skunk Scent. Do you mind if I can use it against the heroes too?

Rising Thomas: LOL.

Rising Josh: Go ahead, Jack & Patricia!

Jack: (uses Chaos Ninjago at the villains)

Patricia: (aims her butt at the villains & then sprays her skunk scent at the villains)

Rising Sonic: Now they're in the skunk gas that also acts as a smokescreen. Now to beat 'em up! Rising Invisible Storm! (enters the smokescreen & barrage-attacks at the villains, then finishes the attack with a large tornado)

Dr. EggRey: Aaargh! My dear mobile suit! 

Dr. EggPlankton: Curses! Foiled again!

HenchCombots: (feels dizzy)

Redbot: On the bright side, we're still alive.

Greenbot: Yeah, those low down, good-for-nothing, slacking varmits are gonna regret this.

Yellowbot: I'm getting dizzy.

Bluebot: Please, don't send me in the shark tank again!

Jack: Nice job guys. And nice work with the smokescreen with your Skunk Spray, Patricia.

Patricia: (waves her hand behind her butt) (giggles) Thank you Jack.

Rising Louie: Guys, get back!

Everyone goes to a safe distance.

Jack: What's gonna happen?

Rising Louie: (conjures a very combustible fireball)

Redbot: (notices) They're about to attack us with a highly explosive fireball.

Rising Louie: BURN! (throws the highly-explosive fireball inside the smokescreen) 

Dr. EggRey: (about to control the Equera EXM) (sees the highly-explosive fireball & gasps) O_O

All of a sudden... KABOOM!!!

Rising Josh: Guys, we did it!

Jack: Yeah!

Dr. EggPlankton: (black covered) Ouch.

Patricia: That'll teach you, not to mess with the heroes.

Rising Louie: Finale Attack: Dragon Flame Nuke.

Dr. EggRey: (covered in black ash) (exits out of the Equera EXM's destroyed cockpit) Curses!

Rising Sonic: (thumbs up) I am the Rising Blue Blur, Rising Sonic!

Dr. EggPlankton: (exits out of the destroyed Chum Hawk)

HenchCombots: (exits out of the destroyed Chum Bodyguards)

Dr. EggPlankton: HenchCombots, because of you, we can't fuse our bots into one big bot!

Redbot: Sorry boss, we we're only trying to protect you.

Rising Sonic: Hm.

Dr. EggRey: I'll be back! (goes to the Diablodia HQ's basement)

Dr. EggPlankton: I'll be back as well ! (hops inside the Chum Pod & flys away back to EggPlankton Land)

Redbot: Wait for us.

HenchCombots: (carries Jack-4 Commander & follows Dr. EggPlankton)

The Ancient Leaders revert to their normal form. Sonic also reverts back to normal.

Josh: Mission accomplished!

Thomas: What we need to do next is to infiltrate EggRey's basement.

Shadow: So shall we do this? I can't keep waiting until I fight those idiots again.

Louie: Haste not.

Sonic: Yeah, let's prepare! You ready, cous?

Jack: I'm always ready for action.

Patricia: So, how do we prepare for battle?

Josh: Infiltrate the base without fear!

Jack: Right.

Patricia: But how do we do that without any fear?

Jack: Do we have to be emotionless or something?

Josh: Everyone, let's go!

Sonic: Like me, cousin, I gotta be cool & brave! 

Thomas, Jetris, & Louie: Right!

Blaze, Tails, & Knuckles: Let's go!

Amy: I'm with you, guys!

Patricia: I'm with you all the way as well !

Jack: Now let's get this show on the road !

Josh: Now then. Commence infiltration!

Ancient Leaders: (they jump out of the HQ)

Sonic, Shadow, Blaze, Tails, & Knuckles: (they run off out of the HQ)

Jack & Patricia: (follows)

Episode 9: Basement Infiltration

In the exterior of Diablodia HQ...

Josh: Let's search for the DHQ basement.

Jack: I believe the basement is always under the ground level.

Josh: Isn't it obvious? Could be a ladder way down, or a caged one.

Jack: Hmm...let's go look for a ladder or a caged ladder.

Patricia: (finds a ladder lying against the wall) Found one.

Josh: (walks toward the hole & peeks below) It's not the basement. It's a sewer. Bleh! 

Louie: Maybe it's inside the HQ.

Thomas: I'll check it for sure. (enters HQ & searches for the basement) Guys, I saw a caged basement down here! I'll pry it open. (removes the metal cage) Done.

Ancient Leaders, Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, & Blaze: (they enter the basement slowly, one by one) 

Jack: (looks around to see if there's no evil bots are around)

Patricia: Anyone there?

Jack: No bots, we're all clear.

Patricia: Well then, come on. Let's go. (enters the basement slowly)

Jack: Ok, come on Amy, let's go.

Amy: Okay... (enters the basement slowly)

Jack: (enters the basement slowly & closes the hatch) There.

Josh: Nice going...

Louie: We're here, guys, so don't let your guard down.

Thomas: Shh. (whispering) We must keep quiet. Cautiousness is needed to accomplish this heroic mission.

Patricia: (whispers) Okie dokie. (her stomach gurgles) (blushes) (chuckles nervously & quietly) Sorry.

Jack: (whispers) Got it. (his nose felt itchy) Ah..ah...ahh...

Josh: ... Let's go.

Patricia: (covers Jack's nose)

Jack: (sighs) Thanks.

Patricia: Your welcome. (smiles, but then accidently releases a loud & gassy fart) (blushes in embarassment) (giggles nervously) Sorry.

Shadow: So is this really it, a party of unnecessary noises?!

Patricia: Sorry, but I can't control my gassiness. They just come & go.

Shadow: Shut this idiotic excuse!


Patricia: (her tears build up) I'm sorry. (whimpers softly)

Josh: No time for this unnecessary matter. Let's go!

Ancient Leaders, Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, & Blaze: (they walk off to a door)

Jack & Patricia: (follows)

Patricia: (tries to hold in her flatulence gases)

Josh: Hm...

Patricia: (her stomach gurgles louder as her belly begins to bloat with gas) Oooooh...I don't know how long I can hold in my gas

Josh: This way. (goes to the west)

Ancient Leaders (except Josh), Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, & Blaze: (they follow Josh)

Jack & Patricia: (follows as well)

Blaze: We must put light to see our way around. (conjures a fireball)

Patricia: (notices the fireball & tries her hardest to hold in all her flatulence gases) Um guys? Do you know what happens when Gas makes contact with Fire?

Blaze: I know, but we cannot see in the dark...

Patricia: (rubbing her bloated stomach) I'll try my best not to release my gas at the fireball & I'll try my best not to burn us alive.

Blaze: Let's give some time. (extinguishes the fireball, causing their area to go dark)

Patricia: Thank you (takes a deep breathe & grunts) Hold your noses everyone. (lets out an extremely loud & extremely gassy fart that lasted for 15 seconds & the noxious dark green gases covered the area) (sighs) (waves her hand behind her butt) Whew-we. Sorry.

Jack: Let's wait for the skunk gas to air out.

Suddenly, Equera Bots arrive & they shoot their laser buster at Patricia.

Patricia: EEK! (tries to dodge the laser) Spoke too soon.

They activate their gatling guns & shoots at the heroes.

Josh: Henshin. (transforms to Haos form with his Haos Emerald)

Haos Josh: (fires a holy beam at the Equera Bots)

Patricia: (uses her Magic Wand try & conjure a Magic Orb)

Jack: (spindashes at the Equera Bots) How did they even find us?

Shadow: Why, you two idiots are all talk! (fires a group of Chaos Spears at the Equera Bots)

Haos Josh: The stench & the blasted noise of this skunk gas leak alerted the robots. 

Jetris: Guys, if we are going to shut up inside this basement, then we don't need to make unnecessary noises-- Shoot! (forms an earthen wall to shield themselves from harm)

Patricia: (blushes even more red) I'm super sorry. (fires a magic orb at the Equera Bots)

Jack: (spindashes at the Equera Bots) That's ok, accidents happen.

Haos Josh: Shut it, guys, you're all talk! (fires holy spheres at the Equera Bots)

Patricia: (gasps & her tears build up & then her tears streams down on her face) I'm sorry, but you wouldn't understand my skunk gas problems (begins crying & then runs away, crying)

Jack: (spindashing at the Equera Bots) Patricia! Come back!

Haos Josh: There's no time for that, we must crush this bots! (still firing holy orbs at the Equera Bots)

Shadow: She's... very sensitive. Without any apparent reason. Josh meants about all of us, then she will cry that easily? A big misunderstanding.

Jack: Sorry, but I'm going after her! I'll catch up with you later. (goes after Patricia)

Shadow: Hmph. 

Haos Josh: C'mon guys!

Ancient Leaders, Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, & Blaze: (they follow Jack)

Suddenly, the Equera Bots didn't sense their presence. They go stationary, guarding the hallway.


Patricia: (sits down, still crying)

Jack: Patricia? Are you ok?

Patricia: (sniffs) Yes, I'm ok, but I'm still feel bad & embarassed about the incident earlier & felt sad, but I can't help it. I have a heart of gold, I can't control my sensitivity.

Haos Josh: As Yuki has a heart of platinum, but she isn't sensitive at small matters.

Thomas: Please. Stop crying without being straight to what Josh said. It's not you who he meant. All of us! We mustn't talk all day. We must move, so that there won't be a waste of time.

Knuckles: I have a question... Why did they create accidental noises in this basement? You know, it's much better to have them relinquish the noises before they could enter the basement. 

Jetris: Agreed.

Louie: Patricia. You must interpret correctly to this statement, "Shut it, guys, you're all talk!". My question is: "Whom did Josh mean to shut up?" So, what's your answer?

Patricia: not know who. I am once again sorry. It's just that, I thought you might laugh at me because of my skunk gas problems. Can you ever forgive me for my & Jack's mistakes?

Josh: We Ancients are compassionate. We do not laugh at you because of your flatulence problem. It's just that you must need to keep quiet & go fend off those bots already. 

Louie: We forgive you, o' white witch Patricia.

Patricia: Thank you guys. (smiles, shedding her tears) Your guys are great friends.

Haos Josh: Thanks...

Louie: So shall we proceed to the test?

Jack: Yes

Patricia: Okie dokie & this time, Jack & I we'll keep quiet this time.

Haos Josh: Alright.

Jack: (signals Haos Josh to lead the way)

Haos Josh: Let's go.

Ancient Leaders (except Josh), Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, & Blaze: (they enter a hallway just near them)

Jack & Patricia: (follows them not to far behind)

Amy: (pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer) Let's get ready.

Jack & Patricia: (nods)

Haos Josh: (shines, causing the field to brighten a bit)

Jack & Patricia: (keeping a look out for Equera Bots)

Haos Josh: Hm...?

Jack: The bots are near.

Haos Josh: Yep.

Suddenly, a horde of Equera Bots charge at the heroes.

Jack: (spindashes at the Equera Bots)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail at the Equera Bots)

The Equera Bots shoot their busters at a spindashing Jack & a distracted Patricia.

Jack & Patricia: (got hit) Ow! (crashes to the ground)

Patricia: They know both of our attacks.

Equera Bot: (has a monitor head) (Dr. EggRey appears in the monitor screen) Yes, you two imbeciles are so predictable.

Haos Josh: Grraaah! (fires a holy beam at the Equera Bots)

Patricia: (casts a pink magic energy orb) Here goes nothing (throws the pink magic energy orb at the Equera Bots)

After that, the hallway was clear.

Haos Josh: Alright, let's go. (walks forward)

Ancient Leaders (except Josh), Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, & Blaze: (they follow)

Haos Josh: (stops near a hi-tech door) (tries to budge it) It's locked.

Thomas: Maybe we can destroy it.

Louie: Nope, it's resistant to attacks.

Tails: I think we need to activate a mechanism around here to unlock the door.

Jack: Hmm, where can we find a mechanism?

Haos Josh: Let's see. It has a yellow shield covering the door. So, let's try this. (fires a holy orb at the door's mystic yellow shield)

The shield disappears. 

Patricia: Nice job, Josh.

Haos Josh: Thanks. (reverts to normal)

Jetris: This must have an automatic open mechanism. (walks near the door)

The door opens in a technological way.

Louie: IKR?

Jack: Let's go in. Ladies first.

Patricia: Thank you Jack.

Thomas: Guys, there's no time for this manner, we must beat that egghead fast!

Josh: Alright!

Jack: (goes through the doorway)

Patricia: (follows Jack)

Josh: Wait!

Jack & Patricia: (stops)

Jack: Is something wrong, Josh?

Suddenly, in the dark doorway, a black wire attempts to grab Jack in.

Jack: (notices the black wire) What the barnicles?! (tries to dodge the wire)

Josh: Told ya. (grabs Jack away from the doorway)

Patricia: (stays away from the doorway)

Jack: What else is new? Never seen a trap like this before.

Josh: It's an Equera Bot.

Jack: And it looks like this bot has black wire as a trap.

Josh: Apparently, it's a trap cord.

Jack: Oh right.

Patricia: Any ideas on how to get pass the trap cord?

The trap cord attempts to grab a distracted Jack in.

Jack: I'm not sure.

Patricia: Jack! Look out!

Jack: Huh?! (notices the trap cord is trying to trap him again) Oh not again.

As it ensnares Jack, it pulls itself back in the doorway.

Josh: Jack!

Jack: (tries to hold onto something tight) HELP!

Patricia: Hold on! We'll save you! (tries to pull Jack away from the trap cord)

Josh: This is pathetic. (forms a wind blade on his right hand & cuts the trap cord)

Jack: Thank you.

Josh: (enters doorway in supersonic speed)

Banging of machines is heard from the doorway. 

Josh: Let's go, guys! (walks off to a room)

Ancient Leaders (except Josh), Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, & Blaze: (they follow)

Jack & Patricia: (follows)

In a room...

Josh: We're here...

Thomas: (sees that they are in a special room) Don't let your guard down.

Jack & Patricia: (keeps their guard up)

Suddenly, turrets rise up from the floor & fire at the heroes.

Patricia: Look out! (creates an aura barrier, trying to protect everyone from the turrets)

The turrets stop firing & they start to load their storage with armor-piercing bullets.

Jack: The turrets are reloading.

Josh: (pulls out his Zappling Rifle & shoots an EMP beam at a turret)

A turret explodes.

Jack: Nice shot.

The turrets start to fire armor-piercing laser beams at the heroes.

Jack & Patricia: (tries their best to dodge the laser beams)

Josh: Guys, they can be hard to dodge. (jumps above & fires wind spheres at each turret)

Jack: If we get hit multiple times, then we're done for.

Josh: Makes sense.

The turrets malfunction & explode.

Patricia: That was a close call. We betta watch out for more traps.

Josh: Obvious, isn't it.

Patricia: It sure is.

Jack: (keeps a look out for more danger)

Josh: ...

Patricia: (keeps a look out for anything suspicious)

Shadow: (charges Chaos Spear)

Jack: (looks around)

Josh: Nothing in sight.

Jack: Let's proceed with caution.

'Ancient 'Leaders, Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, & Blaze: (they walk off to the next room)

Jack & Patricia: (follows them slowly)

In another room...

Josh: (sees that they're in a techno lab) This is it.

Jack: This must be a lab...

Josh: Much likely. Be on your guard.

Shadow: (stores Chaos energy in his body from his Chaos Spear)

Patricia: (readies her magic orbs by charging up her magic energy)

Sonic: That stuff... (sees a defective robot) That egghead passes his legacy to others! 

Amy: That makes it weirder than ever.

Jack: Tell me about it, it's like we're in a haunted house, but with more future tech than usual...

Knuckles: Yep.

Suddenly, unusual Equera Bots come out from a specimen tank, creating steam.

Josh: Tsk!

Jack: Wow, that's almost creepy...

Blaze: Be on your guard. They're hostile!

Patricia: Okie dokie...

Jack: (gets into his battle stance)

Josh: (crosses arms)

The modified Equera Bots charge at the heroes, ready to attack.

Shadow: So they have something new already? Hmph. (prepares a Chaos Spear)

Jack: Then let's get down...(prepares to do a spindash)

Josh: ... (teleports behind 3 Equera Bots & cleaves them with a wind blade)

Jack: Nice where could those Jack-4 Bots be?

Amy: (smashes an Equera Bot with her Piko Piko Hammer) 

Tails: I guess we musn't expect for more evil bots. (fires electricity at the Equera Bots)

Jack: (spindashes at the Equera Bots) Good point...

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail at the Equera Bots)

Samurai Equera Bots charge at the heroes & prepare their electric katanas.

Patricia: Watch out for the katanas, their filled with electricity...

Jack: We can see that...(has his guard up)

Samurai Equera Bots: (slashes at Jack, Patricia & Josh)

Jack & Patricia: (tries their best to dodge their slashes)

Josh: (blocks by grasping the blades) (blasts the Samurai Equera Bots with a gale of wind)

Jack: I have a feeling that EggPlankton cannot be too far behind...

Josh: Apparently there's a possibility that he could find this basement because he has a radar. (kicks at the Samurai Equera Bots)

Jack: Then we should be even more careful, he maybe planning an ambush with his Jack-4 Bots...(spindashes at the Samurai Equera Bots)

Patricia: Ok then (uses Iron Tail at the Samurai Equera Bots)

Samurai Equera Bots: (they block the Iron Tail with their swords, but they break into half) (got hit & optimally explodes)

Jack: Strong finish, Patricia...

Patricia: Thanks, let's keep going...

Josh: Superb! Let's go! (hears a rumble from above) ?!

Jack: What's wrong?

Josh: There's a rumble above.

Thomas: Hey, I sense EggRey. He's toying with us!

Jetris: Yeah, we know. (to Dr. EggRey) Playing hide-and-seek just now, egghead? Too bad, we have found you.

Louie: We went here to pull you out from your hiding place, foolish coward. Now come out, or face consequences.

Jack-4 Bots: (starts appearing out of nowhere)

Jack: Ambush! (spindashes at the Jack-4 Bots)

Josh: (kicks at the Jack-4 Bots) Great, a bunch of scrap heap returns.

Jack: Let's take'em down! (spindashes at the Jack-4 Bots)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail at the Jack-4 Bots)

Dr. EggRey: Hm, so the heroes have returned to defeat me, huh? Too bad. (enters a secret room)

Louie: Guys, you fend off the Jack-4 while I chase EggRey! (breaths fire at the OI door, but fails to melt it) Great. 

Thomas: (tries to open the OI door, but the door is locked) It's locked. However... (punches the OI door)

The OI door crumbles & is destroyed. 

Jack: (to Thomas & Louie) Nice job. (to Louie) We'll catch up with you later.

Patricia: So Louie, what are you gonna do once you found EggRey? (uses Iron Tail against a Jack-4 Bot)

Jack-4 Bot: (walking up to Amy, trying to sneak up on her)

Amy: .... (opens her eyes) Gotcha! (suddenly delivers a hammer slap at the Jack-4 Bot with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Jack: Nice one (notices a Jack-4 Bot behind Patricia) Now it's my turn! (spindashes at the Jack-4, slicing the bot into 2 halves)

Patricia: (notices Jack) Nice cut

Jack: Thanks, but we're not done yet, there's more where those came from (points to more Jack-4 Bots emerging from the doors & the walls)

In the secret room...

Dr. EggRey: Hmm.

Louie: You know already that you cannot defeat the Ancient Leaders. Any last words?

Dr. EggRey: Only three: FEEL MY WRATH! (activates his new invention: Equera Jupiter)

Suddenly, the basement crumbles as the Equera Jupiter is breaking through the high levels of the ground near the Diablodia HQ.

Thomas & Louie: O_O (exits the room and notifies the others)

Josh: What?! That egghead's got another trump card?! 

Jetris: Seems like it. Let's get outta here, the basement's crumbling!

Jack: Yeah, maybe we should go...(makes a run for the exit)

Patricia: (follows Jack) Wait for us Jack!

Thomas: C'mon Patricia! (grabs Patricia bridal-style and runs for the exit)

Everyone except the villains run to the exit.

Jack: (starts climbing up the ladder & exits the building) Giddy-up horsey! Don't let the destruction of the basement & the gigantic robot slow us down! (trips & falls on belly & slides a couple feet away from the building, like a penguin)

Thomas: Jack! (grabs Jack and rests him on the shoulder) 

An echoing voice starts to laugh horribly.

Dr. EggRey: (on the comm link) Allow me to introduce my final invention: EQUERA JUPITER. [to Dr. EggPlankton] Come in, Dr. EggPlankton, let's show them their doom!

Dr. EggPlankton: (gets inside of the Equera Jupiter) Perhaps I can build a gigantic one if all else fails

Dr. EggRey: If you wanna join with the battle, do you have your ultimate robot?

Dr. EggPlankton: Well don't look at me, I said I can build a gigantic bot, but it would take loads of time to finish the giant Jack-4 Bot. Get some perspective you know.

Dr. EggRey: Fine then, says you.

Josh: Equera Jupiter? Don't you see us so many here? You're wasting your time, you two.

Dr. EggRey: Let's see whose time will be wasted. 

The Equera Jupiter 'delivers a giant punch at Josh.

Josh: Crud! (jumps off)

Dr. EggPlankton: (begins finishing the parts to build a Giant Jack-4 Bot & the secret giant robot)

Jack: (still feels dizzy after his trip) @_@

Patricia: Hm? (in thought: What is EggPlankton up too?) (tries to fly up the Equera Jupiter on her flying broom)

Equera Jupiter: (delivers a heavy shrug at Patricia with its large hand)

Patricia: (tries her best to dodge out of the way) YIKES!

Josh: Stay away!

Patricia: (stays away) But I noticed what EggPlankton is up to & I had to investigate what EggPlankton has in store for us?

Josh: No, you'll just hurt yourself. Let's just defeat the two doctors and we'll analyze later! Since I have the Ultra Emeralds... I can do this! (the Ultra Emeralds surround him)

Dr. EggRey: Well, well, well. If it isn't Josh carrying the Ultra Emeralds. I'll take them back from you!

The Ultra Emeralds disappear for a moment.

Equera Jupiter: (readies its Jupiter Cannon)

Dr. EggRey: Open.. wide!

Thomas: Guys, let's go to a safe area!

Jack & Patricia: (nods & then heads off to a safe area)

Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, & Blaze: (they follow)

Tails: Look! The cannon is charging!

Shadow: Grr... (readies Chaos Spear)

It seems that the cannon forms some sort of light.

Jack: (to Sonic) What is Shadow doing?

Shadow: I'm getting ready, you idiot. Isn't it obvious?

Sonic: C'mon, dude, Jack's just 12 years old. He's not that experienced as you... Just saying. 

Jack: Just because I'm a kid, doesn't mean that I am smart to notice what you are doing, Shadow.

Arthur: Silence! You two are wasting time in petty matters. Think about defeating the two psychopaths!

Shadow: I'm thinking about it, you know. Just don't get in my way, Jack, or I'll definitely destroy you. (leaves, carrying a green Chaos Emerald)

Jack: (looks a bit uneasy) Sheesh. I was only trying to help, but I can't.

Josh: Jus' don't mind Shadow. Let's do this thing. 

Jack: Right (short pause) How do we do that exactly?

Josh: Teamwork.

Jack: Got it. (short pause) Which kind of team work exactly?

Josh: ...

Jack: (shrugs) What?

Patricia: (giggles in embarrassment) Excuse me for one second please? (turns to Jack) Jack, are you ok with the plan?

Jack: Yes, but I don't what kind team work formation we go exactly.

Patricia: Uh Jack?

Jack: Yes, best buddy?

Patricia: Let's just follow the plan & see how it works, ok?

Jack: (thinks about it & gets the idea now) Ok.

Patricia: Good.

Josh: Okay, since you... don't have Super Forms (which is a problem), I need Jack to change elements to be versatile in this situation. I mean... (clears throat) For advantage purposes. Patricia, you heal the others if they are damaged. Understand?

Jack: Got it. My Attribute Armbrace is ready for action!

Patricia: I'll try my best to help anyone in need of my healing abilities.

Josh: Jack. First, Ventus Form for distraction. If the bot is distracted enough, look for an opening, fast. Then you switch elements again to hit the opening. Use the Omicron Formation to distract the bot while you're in Ventus Form. Then, switch to Alpha to search for an opening. The Omicron is just a letter O. Alpha is an open-figured small letter a. Get me?

Jack: I got it. Are you sure that I can do this?

Josh: I believe in you. Even a kid like you has great potential. Release it and be brave!

Jack: Ok, I can do this.

Patricia: Good luck Jack.

Jack: (nods) I'm ready.

Josh: Alright. We must first summon the... Chaos Emeralds. Since I am half-Mobian and all that sort, I may be linked with those gems. Hm.. (meditates)

Arthur: Okay. The pure Mobians except Jack & Patricia protect Josh from the Equera Jupiter's attacks. [to Jack and Patricia] You two, follow what Josh told you. Understand, everyone?

Patricia: Got it.

Jack: (Tries to remember & he did) I got it.

Meanwhile, with Shadow...

Shadow: (glares at the Equera Jupiter) I'm going to destroy that eggshell's legacy, right here, right now. Once and for all. (forms Chaos Spears around him and starts to levitate through his jet skates)

With the heroes...

Tails: I'm good to go.

Knuckles: Ready for battle!

Amy: I'm with you, everyone.

Blaze: Let's do this.

Sonic: Just in case if the Chaos Emeralds arrive, may I join in the main frontlines?

Arthur: Josh needs help, too, so agreed.

Louie: Main frontlines: Josh, Jack, Patricia, and... well, Sonic when he turns Super. Meditational Guards: Sonic (normal), Tails, Knuckles, Amy, & Blaze. They will rush into the main frontlines after Josh's meditation.

Patricia: We'll be with Josh all the way.

Jack: I am ready for action! Let's do this!

Josh: (meditating) Hmm, over 1/3 of contact is present...


Sonic: Alright, let's go! Guard up, everyone!

The Meditational Guard Team  raises their guard up. 


Arthur: Since Jack & Patricia aren't as experienced as some of us are (but not to downgrade you), you need assistance from me, Louie, Thomas, and Jetris.

Louie: Yeah, ready to roll.

Thomas: Ooh yeah, let's do this!

Jetris: Let's commence the assault. Jack, Patricia, battle formation!

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