The Elemental Skunks are a group of Female Skunks who uses their Elemental Powers to stop Evil Villains from taking over Mobius & Ancient Dimension.




This is a list of the members of the group The Elemental Skunks. In the rankings, the many stars that a member has, the higher the rank.

Chapter 1 Members

These are the first members of The Elemental Skunks. They first appear in Chapter 1.

  • Special: Bluefire the Skunk (JTH) ★★★★★
  • Pyromancers: FireBloom the Skunk ★★★★ (SB100) & Scorch the Skunk-cat ★★★★ (JTH) 
  • Hydromancers: Jessica the Skunk ★★★ (SB100) & Aqua the Skunk ★★★ (JTH)  
  • Naturamancers: Ruby the Skunk ★★★ (SB100) & Synthesia the Skunk ★★★ (JTH)  
  • Cryomancers: Frost the Skunk-cat ★★★★ (JTH) & Chill the Skunk ★★★ (SB100) 
  • Chronomancers: Chronia the Skunk ★★★★ (JTH) & Toki the Skunk ★★★★ (SB100) 
  • Geomancers: Gaia the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Eartha the Skunk ★★★ (SB100) 
  • Ergomancers: Ergonia the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Nova the Skunk ★★★ (SB100) 
  • Gravitamancers: Gravia the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Space the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Metamancers: Feronia the Mineral Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Golda the Skunk ★★★ (SB100) 
  • Arachnimancers: Arachnia the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Carola the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Electromancers: Levina the Skunk ★★★ (SB100) & Protonia the Skunk ★★★ (JTH)
  • Photomancers: Luminia the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Dawn the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Aeromancers: Aera the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Sefarina the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Atmosmancers: Magix the Skunk ★★★ (SB100) & Arcania the Skunk ★★★★ (JTH)
  • Technomancers: Meta the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Sprocket the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)

Chapter 2 Members

These are the new members of The Elemental Skunks, which appear in Chapter 2.

  • Necromancers: Necrotia the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Libitina the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Umbramancers: Eclipse the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Sable the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Sylvamancers: Lumberia the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Willow the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Zoomancers: Elfin the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Terexia the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Magnetomancers: Lodestonia the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Margaret the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Venomancers: Toxinia the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Avisha the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Sanitamancers: Healie the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Reseda the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Plasmamancers: Blazeshock the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Paige the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Cosmomancers: Cosmia the Skunk ★★★★ (JTH) & Galaxy the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Psychomancers: Telekesia the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Cree the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Petromancers: Geonia the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Tara the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Sonamancers: Harmony the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Melody the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Imitamancers: Dittia the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Julie the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Eromancers: Ai the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Angel the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)
  • Particulamancers: Mira the Skunk ★★★ (JTH) & Aiko the Skunk ★★★ (SB100)


Fire Skunk

The fire-wielding skunks in this group can control fire. They have the ability to "fume a stream of very-hot material that flows freely to burn everything in its path". They can initiate attacks associated with fire.

Water Skunk

The water-wielding skunks in this group can control water. They have the ability to "create a huge portion of a chemical compound with the chemical formula: H2O & drown their enemies". They can cause water-based disasters too, like floods, tsunami, etc.

Nature Skunk

The nature-wielding skunks in this group can control components of nature. They have the ability to "create nature-based things & fill them with life, to command them to attack opponents overwhelmingly". They can form flowers, trees, & anything based from nature. However, they cannot control water, fire, lightning, anything that are not related to plants.

Ice Skunk

The ice-wielding skunks in this group can control ice. They have the ability to "create the solid form of water out of thin air or the pre-existing latter to use as a physical weapon or to freeze opponents". They can form weapons made of ice or freeze multiple opponents that are susceptible to cold temperature.



Fire Skunks

They are the fire wielders of the group. 

Scorch the Skunk-cat

One of the daughters of Bluefire the Skunk-cat, a friend to Josh. She is one of the three hybrids in the group. She has pyrokinesis & geothermokinesis. She can control volcanic eruptions & spread flammable skunk gas in the field to potentially harm enemies.

FireBloom the Skunk

A Princess of the Skunk Tribe who lived in the Skunk Village with her Mom & Dad, which are the King & Queen of the Skunk Tribe. She has Pyrokinesis & she can use & control her fire power & sprays her flammable skunk gas to attack & harm her enemies.

Water Skunks

They are the water wielders of the group.

Aqua the Skunk

An Ancient Huntress skunk who lived in a jungle in Seaborgia. When she was a child, her parents were killed by a wild Mobian Tasmanian devil named Ferus. She ran away from the jungle cave and settled in an area away from the cave. She built her own cabin beside a Mystic Spring. She became a huntress, looking for food (particularly fish) to survive. One day, she hunted for fish in the river and caught an already-dead fish. She throws it away and thought when peace will prevail. She noticed a group of female skunks and "company". She shot an arrow at the tree, as an attempt to save the group from robots that currently hide in forests to trap young animals for a Tasmanian devil to eat. However, this Tasmanian devil isn't Ferus, but a different one. She sensed fetal girl skunks around and joined the group of female skunks to save the babies. She has hydrokinesis & atmokinesis (but only can control rain). She can control high & low tides. She can control water from a water source & converts them to chemical energy, needed for her health.

Jessica the Skunk

A skunk who is best friends with Ruby. She along with Ruby joins the group. Jessica can control water & use Water Abilities to short circuit any evil robots by using Water against robotic electricity.

Nature Skunks

They are controllers of nature in this group.

Synthesia the Skunk

An Ancient princess skunk who lived in a forest den in Seaborgia. She wished to venture forth to various places in Ancient Dimension, then her wish came true when she joined this group. She has anthokinesis, botanokinesis, & dendrokinesis. As a controller of nature, she can generate plants or flowers. She can also control trees. She can generate wood for attacking purposes.

Ruby the Skunk

A skunk who is a Nature Girl that lives in the forest & is best friends with Jessica. Ruby along with Jessica joins the group. She uses her nature / life elemental powers to grow strong thick vines to trap and/or crush enemies.

Ice Skunks

They are controllers of ice & snow in this group.

Frost the Skunk-cat

One of the daughters of Bluefire the Skunk-cat. She is one of the three skunk hybrids of the groupe has cryokinesis & arctikinesis. She can control ice & snow. She can freeze stuff & create blizzards in the field. she can conjure sharp ice shards from her hand & throw them at the enemy.

Chill the Skunk

She is a guard of the Castle of Queen Aleena in training, but when Queen Aleena went into hiding, Chill is the only guard left that is not roboticized by Robotnik. Not too long after that, she was joined in the group. She can control her ice powers to freeze her enemies.

Time Skunks

They are controllers of time & temporality in the group.

Chronia the Skunk

She is a chronomancer living in a jungle in Ventilus. As she was being hunted by necromancers from Diablodia, she joins this group to crush the evil mages. One day, she was chased by two necromancers. She halts their movement by casting them to green flames. She went to the grassy field and joins the group of skunks that she saw outside. She has chronokinesis, enabling her to freely control time in a certain radius. She can transport herself in 3 temporalities: past, present, & future of a specific target. However, she cannot alter temporalities.

Toki the Skunk

She lives in a futuristic house in a grassy field near New Mobotropolis. She has been meditating & notices a vision about a dimention that is from a thousand years ago & has people who we're born from over a thousand years ago, which is the Ancient Dimention, after witnessing the first battles in the Anicent Dimention, she has been joined in the Elemental Skunks.

Earth Skunks

They are earth wielders of the group.

Gaia the Skunk

She is a skunk living in the Scorpion Cave in Pyramus. She has scorpion's blood of her father, granting her some poison abilities. As she was attacked by her father's archenemy, she escaped because she was also targeted as well, after her father was killed. She met this group, she hesitantly joins. She has geokinesis & acidokinesis. She can control earthquakes. Also, she can control stones for ammunition. She can generate acid from her hands & spray it at multiple enemies.

Eartha the Skunk

She is an Earth Skunk who lives in the desert with her father, she is once a normal desert girl, but with her father's teachings about using super-strength & the element of earth, she has become one of the strongest mobians, just like his dad. But when her dad is captured & roboticized by the EggPlankton Empire, she joins the group for any means nessersary to free her dad from being roboticized forever.

Energy Skunks

They are energy controllers of the group.

Ergonia the Skunk

She is a skunk gifted with tremendous energy. She began to train her powers more, until she grew as a beautiful lady, bestowing energy to anyone (except villains, obviously). She became a center of abduction because evil people attempted to kidnap her and abuse her powers for their own. Until such time, she was captured by Neon the Hedgehog. She was to be used as an energy supplier to Neon's Cavalier's Guild. Neon put her in a large tempered glass tank. When he was about to pull the lever to activate her energy by force, her energy flowed until the machine overloaded and malfunctioned. Her eyes glowed white and unwittingly fired an energy beam inside the tank, breaking free from the pinion. She zoomed out of the room like a laser beam. She then crashed outside. She rubbed her head in pain and was surrounded by Neon's cavaliers. She grabbed a long wooden stick, causing it to transform into a steel spear. She was amused and carelessly attacks the cavaliers. After a while, the spear glows, causing her to unintentionally cast an energy wave, knocking the cavaliers out. She saw a group of skunks and joined them, to defeat Neon and his troops. She has ergokinesis.

Nova the Skunk

She is a skunk that is cute & full of energy, but later on she was gifted with amazing ammount of energy when she is a beautiful girl, due to being a test subject of the new energy cannon made by Professor Vulcan, suddendly she noticed the opening when she gained her new powers & uses her new energy powers to escape, destroying the Jack-4 Bots & the energy cannon in the process. As she made her escape, Nova begins to channel her energy powers by training her powers more, trying her best to bestow her energy to anyone except the villains.

Gravity Skunks

They are the controllers of gravity in the group.

Gravia the Skunk

She is a mage skunk who specialized in gravity control. She lived in a weightless metal house in Zynari. She has been training on how to survive in a full-gravity field where a large bottomless hole rests. To accomplish her training, she didn't make herself float, instead she has made zero-gravity force fields around platforms. As she was about to accomplish her training, her house was destroyed by EggRey's Equera EXM's Crusher Cannon. She escaped her demolished house, but she was being fed up by laser shots hammering the ground. Suddenly, the giant robot fired a large plasma bullet, causing Gravia to get knocked down on the ground. She was held by the Equera EXM's hands, binding her. She escaped the pinion by hammering the Equera EXM's hand with metallic object and shrapnel of boulders, letting her go. As she met a group of skunks, they helped Gravia fend off the bot. They fought the Equera EXM, but they experienced a bit of difficulty, due to its coordinated ranged attacks. After few minutes, they were exhausted, but fortunately defeated the Equera EXM, causing it to explode and Dr. EggRey to eject out from it. Gravia thanked the group and she joins it with bravery, to avenge her family against EggRey. She has gyrokinesis.

Space the Skunk

She is a Normal Skunk that loves the night time sky, especially the stars from the sky. One night, she noticed a rocket ship created by Dr. EggPlankton for Jack-4 Commander to fly up to the moon to blow it up by using his new Death Cannon, Jack-4 Commander explained that with this design of the new giant cannon, the Death Cannon could blow up an entire planet with only one blast only in maximum power. However the cannon must have loads of energy to do it. So Space decided to follow trying to stop the robot. Sadly she was captured & was been fired by the cannon as a test subject. Instead of being destroyed, she accidently gained gravity powers, causing the entire ship to lose control, crash-landing back to a shoreline in Mobius, damaging the Death Cannon in the process. Space begins to wake up & notices a group of female skunks & asked for their help on taking down the Death Cannon completly, in which they did. As the Death Cannon was destroyed, Space joins the group.

Steel Skunks

They are the steel-hard skunks in the group.

Feronia the Mineral Skunk

She is Golver & Silvold's childhood friend. Years since Golver & Silvold are still children, they played along the riverbanks, & caves near brooks. As their adult stage came, they were attacked by Aeron the Hedgebat, thinking that they were "fascinating specimen". As they met the group, Feronia joined it, then Golver & Silvold allied with them. As years passing by, Golver & Silvold left the group for a yearful search for Aeron. She has magnokinesis & metakinesis.

Golda the Skunk

She is a Skunk that is steel-hard. She is once captured by a mysterious villain, but when he about to roboticize her in the roboticizer, Golda is accidently discovers her new steel powers & breaks out of the roboticizer before it activates. Golda then uses her steel powers to destroy the Swatbots & makes her escape. After her escape, she joins the group.
(JTH: Robotnik Prime is already dead, dude.)

Arachnid Skunks

They are the skunks that have arachnid-like characteristics in the group.

Arachnia the Skunk

She is a skunk that lived in a cave in Seaborgia, having a detached personality. She had spider-like characteristics that she inherited from her spider blood of her father. She wished to live in a world with balance. One day, she encountered a Darachnid trying to attack her, so she retaliated back but to no success. A group of skunks came to rescue her by using their coordinated attacks against the Darachnids. She thanked them & joined the group with determination to defeat the Darachnids, the dark spider group that killed her parents. She can control poison to harm her enemies time by time. Her tail is tipped with poison. She can shoot sticky webs from her skunk tail at her enemies. She also can spray her poisonous skunk scent at her trapped enemies. She can stick on walls & ceilings, acting as suctions.

Carola the Skunk

She is a skunk that lives in the Great Forest, while she journeys into the beauty of the Great forest, she got bitten by a Non-poisonous spider, causing her to grow another pair of arms, a spider's abdonmen & earn her new spider powers, like spitting webs from her skunk tail & uses her new long sharp & strong to inject poison into her enemies until they pass out & climbing up the walls & ceilings. Once she discovered her new Spider powers, she joins in the group on how to control her new spider powers. Due to her new spider powers, she could even be a hybrid of a Skunk & a Spider.

Lightning Skunks

They are electric wielders of the group.

Protonia the Skunk

She is a skunk flowing with electricity. She has learned lightning spells since her childhood years. Her life changed one day, when she was relaxing in a canyon in Pyramus. Suddenly, an invisible robot captured her like a UFO. She became one of Dr. EggRey's specimen. As Dr. EggRey saw her, he thought of a great plan & captures her in a rubber cage. He put her in a roboticized tank. As she was about to be memory-altered, she unleashed a surge of electricity, destroying the tempered glass tank and was unaffected of the memory alter. She suddenly electrocuted the Equera Bots in the room. "Well, I don't want to kill anybody, so I'll just escape. Even how evil you are." As she was about to destroy the exit door, a large Equera Wolf attacked her. Fortunately, it was no match for her incredible nimbleness. She saw an opening and destroyed the head of the large Equera Wolf by her Proton Blast. The bottom explodes, destroying the exit door. After her escape, she remembered her fellows, but it was too late to save them, because she was being searched. Equera Bots cornered her. She reminisced her abilities since she broke free from mind control. She fires a stream of electricity at the Equera Bots, destroying them. After escaping, she encounters a group of skunks coming her way. She joined the group, determined to rescue her about-to-be-roboticized fellows. She has electrokinesis & fulminokinesis.

Levina the Skunk

She is a Skunk that been raised by a group of Electrical Mouse Pokemon called Pichus, Pikachus & Raichus when she was 5, since her parents have captured & roboticized by Dr. Robotnik Prime. A group of Pichus, Pikachus & Raichus began to take care of Levina, by feeding her & keeping her comfortable. One day, a terrible thunderstorm comes in & with Levina noticing it, saying "Oh no", she tells all of the Electrical Mouse Pokemon to hide from the lightning storm. As Levina tries to find shelter for her own, she got strucked by lightning, she thought that she was a goner, but it was no ordinary lightning, the lightning that she got struck was super powerful about 10,000 volts, that it supercharged & fuse her D.N.A. with electrical powers. The next morning, she was awaken by her Pichu, Pikachu & Raichu friends, plus a group of female skunks. Once Levina wakes up, everyone is surrounded by Jack-4 Bots. Levina goes in front of her friends & she has gotten so angry that she had accidently used her new electricity powers to electrocute the Jack-4 Bots in the process. Amazed by her new abilites, she decides to join the group to tame her new superpowered abilities.

Light Skunks

They are light wielders of the group.

Luminia the Skunk

She is a skunk born glowing in light. Since she was at her teenage stage, she came inside a dark cave. As she goes on, she noticed that she can see inside the cave, because she was glowing. Until... she noticed that she is cornered by 5 Pisaca. She got frightened too much & escapes the cave with fear by the use of corpuscular beamshift. As she got back in the forest, she tried to improve her skills. She tried to remove her fear of Pisaca. After she tried very hard, she noticed that she had extra energy flowing inside her. She sees a lot of skunks passing by. She thought of training, so she joined the group. She has photokinesis.

Dawn the Skunk

She is a skunk that has a special gift of light glowing from her body. While she is captured by Dr. EggPlankton, she felt very scared & once she is about to be EggPlankton's slave, Dawn then gets mad at him & fights him & his Jack-4 Bots while her energy is getting stronger & stronger. After her battle, she made her escape, trying her best not to get caught by Dr. EggPlankton's Jack-4 Bots because of her glowing body. Then she spots a group of skunks passing by & goes to them, begging them for their help, soon the skunks agrees & lets her join the group. She has Light Powers.

Wind Skunks

They are wind wielders of the group.

Aera the Skunk

She is a skunk gifted with flight. She became a maiden as her powers grew. She journeyed across a steep canyon while flying, until she went up to a group of birds flying by. Suddenly, a giant mechanical bird gripped her hand with its golden talons & grabbed her, flying its metal wings upon the vast sky. As the mecha bird let go of her, she landed on EggRey's laboratory. She crashed in it, to Dr. EggRey's surprise. He was amazed of having a new Mobian skunk to be captured and roboticized, so he summons Equera Bots to capture her, but ends up failing, because she destroys the bots with her metal-cutting wind blades. Suddenly, Equera Wolves corner her. She thinks of an idea. "Wolves are fast, then I'll counter it with speed, too." She slashes the Equera Wolves with her wind blades in blinding speed and accurate succession. She sees a large door, leading to the exit. She chops the door, as her escape is successful. As she escapes, she stops upon a group of skunks. They tell about their goal & she joins hastefully, determined to stop the Equera Empire and destroy the mechanical bird that captured her. She has aerokinesis.

Sefarina the Skunk

She is a skunk that has the powers of controling the wind. She was relaxing on a grassy field, she felt that she dreamed of flying up high in the sky, but she is not a bird or a plane, much to her disappointment. Suddendly she saw about 25 Jack-4 Bots charging towards her, causing Sefarina to run away. As the chase begins, she begins to feel like there's engines inside of her begining to rev up for flight, then suddendly she begins to fly, much to the delight of Sefarina & to the confusion of the Jack-4 Bots which everyone knows that Skunks can't fly. But with her new flying powers, Sefarina uses this new gift she has as an advantage to get away from the evil bots. Once she escapes, she notices a group of skunks & then lands near them & tells them about the Jack-4 Bots chasing her & then finally she joins the group hastefully in hopes of stopping those evil machines. She has Wind Powers.

Magic Skunks

They are the elemental controllers of the group.

Arcania the Skunk

When she was still a baby, she was bathed with magic stardust by her ancestor Omnia, making her a Grand Mage. She began to experience her magic as a baby when she caused colorful stardust to appear when she sneezes and farting colorful gases that had different kinds of good scents, due to the magic stardust. When she cried, she shed colorful tears. Because of this, she became a center of attention of various people. Some evil people attempted to abduct her to get something from her for their own good. However, they were unsuccessful. As a child, she was taught how to use magic in a good way. She learned various spells from her skunk schoolmistress. As she grew as a woman, she had expelled evil beings attacking her tribe like illusionists. Until illusionists hypnotized her one day, she fell on the ground, asleep. The illusionists have reigned her tribe. After a month, she was able to recover. As she saw that she is being executed, she can't believe her eyes. A henchman tried to stab her with a dagger. Seeing the attack, she escapes the execution trap, then reappears. She casts elements to wreak havoc around the hall. After finishing the job, she went to the Illusion King's throne and battled him. After an hour of the battle, the Illusion King was overwhelmed and surrendered to Arcania. He surrendered the whole land of her tribe. He said his last words to Arcania, "Even I would die, you'll see your dear teacher die as well. Farewell..." and disintegrated. She now knew that her former schoolmistress was defeated by the Illusion King before Arcania battled him. She found her, lying on a bed. She said her last words to Arcania, and breathed her last. She cried and put a flower on her schoolmistress' hand. Her servants dug a grave below Arcania's mansion and put the corpse in, serving as Arcania's memento. She sees a group of skunks heading to the throne. She joins them & lets them stay in the tribe. She has atmoskinesis. She can casts various elemental spells to overwhelm her opponents.

Magix the Skunk

As a baby, she begins to experience her magic by causing colorful stardust to appear when she sneezes. Then as a child, she is taught how to use magic & learns Witchcraft in a good way by a Beautiful Female Witch Teacher Skunk. When she was 15, she has her very own flying broom [with an engine] to fly on & gives it a test-flight, leaving behind Purple stardust. When she was in her original age, which is 23 years old, she was attacked by Layla the FoxSkunk, but then Magix had used up all of her magic to stop Layla, but Layla's too powerful & she even defeat Magix, leaving Magix's teacher battling against Layla. Magix gets up & notices that an epic battle has been started & Layla had nearly won, because Magix suddendly distracts Layla, causing Magix's teacher to use her suprize magic attacks against Layla & defeated her, but not before Layla runs off, ordering the Jack-4 Bots to attack the teacher. Magix notices her teacher being captured by a hundred Jack-4 Bots, much to her horror, not before the teacher told her to run & that she is born to protect those who can't protect themselves & she has loved Magix as a daughter. Then Magix flys away on her Flying Broom, leaving behind the last of the flying broom's purple stardust, causing Magix's flying broom to leave behind purple smoke instead because of the minor damages to the engines by Layla. While she makes her escape she notices a group of skunks & then descends her flying broom down, hovering above a few feet from the ground. She joins in the group, in hopes of saving her female magic teacher.

Tech Skunks

They are the brains of the group. They make weapons & machinery to fight.

Meta the Skunk

She works in a mechanical lab with her grandfather who is an expert mechanician. They are making convenient & helpful inventions. As Meta grew up as an adult, they started making mechs. They also built more machines for their work. One day, her grandfather is building a special robot. Suddenly, her life changed as the Equera Empire abducted her grandfather & roboticized. She went to the Equera Empire's location, riding her personal mech: Hyperfulcrum. As she approaches Dr. EggRey, they battled. Unfortunately, Dr. EggRey's Equera EX Machina is very agile & strong for her Hyperfulcrum. She lost to Dr. EggRey, because her Hyperfulcrum was severely damaged by the Equera Ex Machina's strong attacks. As Dr. EggRey left, Meta called for help. Suddenly, a group of female skunks came up to her & helped her. As they introduced themselves to Meta, she joins the group with full determination. She says, "I'll do my best to assist you in battle with full potential. We will defeat the mad doctors... with determination!"

Sprocket the Skunk

As a child, she was a girl skunk mechanic in training who is training with her uncle at his workshop, learning how to build and fix his & her many mechanical inventions. Once Sprocket is in her teen years, she has some trouble building & fixing land vehicles, air crafts & vessels. But everything changed when her uncle is captured & roboticized by Dr. EggPlankton. Sprocket then finds a group of girl skunks, gets ready her very own battle gear & joins up with them to help them with her skills as a mechanic.

Undead Skunks

They have powers associated with paranorms.

Necrotia the Skunk

She lives in a graveyard in Zynari, as a detached & lonely female skunk. She is feared by many people who don't have powers at all. Necrotia is misunderstood by people, whom they think as a horrible monster, but Necrotia is truly a compassionate skunk. The truth is that Necrotia become half-undead because she was bitten by her zombified father since she was a teen. One day, she saw a group of female skunks. She thought, "Are they one of my species? But how will they feel when they see me?" The group saw her, & feel sad for her. Necrotia comes to them & the group invites her to join their group. Necrotia hesitantly joins the group, and hopes that she won't be feared by other people. Fortunately, she is much helpful in dark battles. She can control the dead & use them to attack her enemies.

Libitina the Skunk

After her parents died at the Jack-4 Bots when Libitina was little, she visits her parents graves every day to pray that she'll one day make her parents proud by taking down Dr. EggPlankton. As she leaves the Graveyard, she is surrounded by the same Jack-4 Bots who killed Libitina's parents. She then become so mad that she actually raised the dead by summoning Skeletons to attack the Jack-4 Bots. Amazed at her new undead powers, she uses them against the Jack-4 Bots, but they're too strong for the Skeletons, much to her horror. Libitina then traps them in a Skeleton Cage she summoned to keep them busy for a while, as she escapes. Libitina then spots a group of female skunks & then joins with them in order to stop the evil mad doctors.

Darkness Skunks

They have the power of darkness.

Eclipse the Skunk

She once lived in a house with her parents. One day, she was asleep. She didn't know that her parents are now roboticized by Dr. EggRey. As she awakes, she didn't see even a single trace of her parents. She cried & cried until daytime. As she stopped crying, she fell asleep. She saw a vision that she was attacked by her roboticized parents. She woke up frightened. She leaves her home & ventures in a dark forest. There she was raised by Mobian ravens. One night, she saw Equera Bots chasing her. She runs fast as she could, until her Mobian raven friends attack the Equera Bots, giving her time to escape. However, she was cornered by reinforcement Equera Bots. She was afraid. Suddenly, she unintentionally destroys the Equera Bots by a dark force inside her body that formed due to her great sorrow, which is a negative emotion. After some time, she stops to a group of skunks. She wants to join the group, hoping that she might save her roboticized parents from the hands of the evil Equera Empire. She & the group destroy the Equera Bots that Eclipse encountered earlier. The Mobian ravens saw them & introduces themselves to the group. Eclipse asked them permission to join the group. The Mobian ravens agreed & bid Eclipse & the group farewell.

Sable the Skunk

She lives in the Dark Forest & was Layla the FoxSkunk's helpful right-hand woman. She had trained to become a darkness wielder, but over time Sable becomes very suspicious about Layla's evil plans & plans to make her escape, but Layla won't let her leave. Sable then says that she wants to be good just like the Freedom Fighters, but Layla said that she can't be good, causing Sable to fight against Layla. The battle seems to be even, until Layla grows stronger & takes down Sable. Just when Layla thought that she has her cornered, Sable then soon remembers that she can use her Dark Purple Skunk Gas as a dark purple smoke-screen & uses this technique to make her escape easily from Layla. When Sable makes her escape, with Skunk Gas still fuming after the skunk gas smoke screen, she spots a group of Female Skunks & decides to join in, hoping of stopping Layla's plans on taking over Planet Mobius.

Wood Skunks

They can control wood.

Lumberia the Skunk

Lumberia lived in the Mystic Forest, as the keeper of the woods. As she walks to a cave, she saw bats & took care of them. One day, a group of hunters killed her friend deers, birds, & other animals & made them as meal. She got frightened of this. Until the next day... the same group of hunters came in the Mystic Forest. Lumberia punished them by destroying their sniper rifles & hang them in a net trap. Skyflame the Hawk appears, flying. She sees Lumberia & battles her. The battle gets intense, but Skyflame has an advantage over Lumberia, as he can control wind & flames. As Lumberia was beaten, she was kidnapped. In the Diablodia HQ, she was put inside a roboticizer tank. Lumberia got angry of this. She plans her way to escape. Trying to harness her secret tradition powers, she broke free from her prison: the tempered glass tank, through her wood techniques. She wreaked havoc in the Diablodia HQ using her wood powers. When she was heading to the exit, Equera Wolves hindered her way. She conjured sprouting trees from the ground, crushing the bots. She destroyed the exit door by hitting it with a giant wooden hammer. As she escapes, she stopped up to a group of skunks. Skyflame blocked their way, saying, "Let's see if you can escape me, little girl." The skunks sprayed their skunk gases at Skyflame, but he blew it away with no problem. They ganged up against Skyflame, causing him to be blown away, creating a twinkle in the sky. After that, she joins the group, in hopes of bringing the Equera Empire down.

Willow the Skunk

She lives in the Great Forest & when she heard the explosions & notices the Destruction of Knothole by Dr. Eggman, she got scared & then quickly hides deeper in the Forest, trying her best not to get caught & she was Sucessful. After a long time hiding in the Great Forest, she uses her wood powers to make trees grow to replace the damaged trees that are in Knothole. She was now happy that the trees are restored to their former glory & then she makes her escape, only for a certain evil hillbilly named "Chester the Crocodile" yelling "Hey! Get off of my Property! Now!" & fires his shotgun at Willow, but luckily dodges quicky & runs away trying to use her powers to summon trees to block his path, but Chester quicky chases her through the Forest, using his shotgun to shot down the summoned trees that are blocking his way & out to the Grassy fields, only to find a group of Female Skunks & asked them to help her stop Chester & the girls accepted her offer & sprayed Chester with their Skunk Gases, causing Chester to flee back into the forest. After that, Willow joins the group to help them on their journey.

Beast Skunks

Elfin the Skunk

She lives in the Enconterius Forest with her animal friends. She treats them like her own children. One day, Aeron the Hedgebat, a member of the Equera Empire, attacks the Enconterius Forest to find specimen. As he encounters Elfin & her friends, her eyes widen in fear. Her friend lion attacks Aeron. The lion said, "Flee now, Elfin, we lions will take care of this intruder!" Elfin flees in sorrow. After two days, she came back and saw her lion friends dead on the ground. She encountered Aeron again. She was angry at him. She accidentally shapeshifted into a large tiger and delivered a claw scratch at Aeron. Aeron dodged the attack. She looked at her hands which had claws. She sees this as an advantage. After minutes of fighting, Elfin got nearly defeated, until two skunk-cats kick Aeron down. Together they defeated Aeron. After that, she fell on the ground, exhausted. The skunk-cats Frost & Scorch helped her and let her stay in a house. They took care of her. After the day, she awakens to see that she was in her own house, only with no jungle friend with on her side, save the birds chirping outside. She settled in the Mystic Forest, living near Frost & Scorch's home. One day, Frost visited Elfin's house & made friends with her. The two went to a group of skunks. Elfin joined with determination. She will save her forest friends from Aeron. She can shapeshift to any animal.

Terexia the Skunk

At Night Time, she was alone in the woods on the night of a full moon & then suddendly a Were-Skunk attacks her & Terexia tries to fight back, but the WereSkunk is too strong & then it bites her left arm & after that, Terexia suddendly punches the WereSkunk's Face, causing it to run away deeper in the forest. Once the WereSkunk is gone, Terexia is suddendly ambushed by Jack-4 Bots & captures her, only for her to turn into her WereSkunk Form, due to being NightTime & the bite by the WereSkunk. Terexia has grown stronger & stronger thanks to her new form & attacks the Jack-4 Bots, destroying them with her new attacks. When she notices the group of female skunks, it's already day time & got turned back to her original form & once she joins the group, she had noticed that when the sun goes down & when the moon is up, she changes into a WereSkunk.

Magnet Skunks

Lodestonia the Skunk

She is one of Dr. EggRey's slaves, working in a magnet factory. She plans to escape because of Dr. EggRey's cruelty. In the dead of night, she quietly exits the factory without a visible trace. Suddenly, iron filings stick on her right arm. A robot's arm sticks on her face. At that, an Equera Bot with no arm turns online. It attacks Lodestonia. But to the Equera Bot's dismay, Lodestonia uses the Equera Bot's amputated arm to fight. She destroys the Equera Bots by hammering it. She runs fast as she could, & reaches an unknown forest. As she ventures in the forest, she stays in it for one day. Until the next day, she eats some fruits to fill her stomach. Suddenly, Equera Wolves surround Lodestonia. She remembers the happening when she destroyed an Equera Bot by herself. As she thought about it, she concentrates her powers. Suddenly, the Equera Wolves are immobilized because they are stuck to each other. It gave her time to escape, so she flees. As she reaches a grassland, she sees a group of skunks. She joins the group to free her companions who were still slaves to Dr. EggRey.

Margaret the Skunk

She is once curious about the lair of EggPlanktonLand & went inside, only to be caught by 2 Jack-4 Bots. Once she's captured, she is taken to the throne room of Dr. EggPlankton. Once she meets Dr. EggPlankton she felt an magnetic energy pulse & felt both arms stuck onto the Jack-4 Bots' chests & felt her skunk tail stuck onto one of the Jack-4 Bots' Leg & uses her Skunk Tail's strength to rip apart the Jack-4 Bot's leg & whacks it at the other Jack-4 Bot & then uses the magnetic energy to push the both Jack-4 Bots at Dr. EggPlankton & then runs away, hovering because of the magnetic energy pushing away the metal from her legs & as she exits EggPlanktonLand, she meets with a group of Female Skunks & joins with them, trying to figure out what EggPlankton is up to.

Poison Skunks

Toxinia the Skunk

When she was a child, she was abused. As she was kicked out of the house of her cruel step-parents, she stays in a factory manufacturing acid. As she enters it, she accidentally releases her skunk gas. As the evil scientist inside the factory smelled the skunk gas, they coughed & coughed. They captured Toxinia & used her as a tool in the factory. As she grew as a woman, she was abused. One day, she was told to release more of her skunk gas. She didn't obey, so the evil scientists kick her to the acid bog. She drowned in there, but didn't die. After a week, she rose up from the bog, half-dead. She has absorbed 10% acid in the bog, granting her a new ability. The evil scientists were frightened to see her risen from the dead. But she isn't dead at all. As she walks up to the evil scientists, she releases her toxic skunk gas, leaving them unconscious. She escapes the factory, & sees a group of female skunks heading to her. She joins the group to assist them.

Avisha the Skunk

When she is young, Avisha she can't control her skunk gas & she would be named the "Poisonous Skunk" because of her poisonous flatulence & sometimes she was very embarassed & could be one of the most poisonous skunks on Mobius. When she is in her normal age, she chased by SWATbots in Robotropolis, she acidently releases her poisonous skunk gas, causing the SWATbots to melt. Avisha discovers the powers of her poison powers & her poisonous skunk gas. Once she makes her escapes from Robotropolis, she finds a group of female skunks & then joins in & becomes one of the most poisonous skunks in the group.

Healing Skunks

Healie the Skunk

When she was a child, she lived in the Mystic Forest & was raised by fairies. Her adopted fairy mother told Healie that someday Healie will have fairy powers when she grows up. It was Healie's destiny, that's why her name is Healie. As she grew as an adult, her fairy home was attacked by Equera Bots. She & her fairy mother are the only left. Neo Rey arrives in the scene & unexpectedly defeats Healie's fairy mother. As she remembers about her destiny, she concentrates her powers. But Equera Bots surround Healie & prepare to attack her. As they were about to attack Healie, her fairy mother was in full power, thanks to Healie's pure healing abilities. Her fairy mother destroys the Equera Bots that surround Healie, with her magical abilities. As Neo Rey retreats, Healie hugs her fairy mother. As they went home, Healie saw her half-dead fairy companions. she uses her healing powers to heal them all. As they were healed, they cheer upon Healie, their healer fairy skunk. One day, she walks up to a lake. She saw two male foxes, badly hurt because of the Equera Bots, since yesterday. They were lying on the grass surface, half-dead. She uses her healing powers to heal the two male foxes. As they were healed, the two male foxes hug Healie. Healie blushes & hugs them back. As the two male foxes went to their home, Healie went back to the forest. As she was walking, she stops upon a group of female skunks. She wants to join, but she must ask permission to her fairy mother. As Healie & the group went to Healie's fairy mother, Healie asks her permission. Her fairy mother approved to let Healie join the group, but tells her to be careful on their journey. Healie is happy & she joins the group.

Reseda the Skunk

When she was young, she lives in a log cabin in the forest & she always go to a peaceful pond which is right next to the log cabin to meditate & relax. One faithful day, Reseda notices a magical white glow coming from the pond & she noticed a magical orb rises from the pond & then reaches to her chest & then she hears a voice coming from the magical orb saying that she has a special gift that is inside of her & then the orb asorbs inside of Reseda, granting her unknown powers that she needs to discover. When she was in her original age, Reseda notices a beaten up female fox who was attacked by Jack-4 Bots. Reseda then felt sorry for the female fox & notices her own hands glowing white, knowing that it must be her special powers & then helps the female fox by healing her with her new unknown powers, which are actually her brand new healing powers. After the female fox thanks Reseda for healing her, Reseda then proceeds to tell the female fox to stay in her log cabin to live with her. After they went back home, the Female Fox noticed a group of female skunks who we're walking by & Reseda tells the Female Fox that it could be destiny to help the group of Female Skunks to stop the Jack-4 Bots for the Female Fox. With that Reseda leaves her log cabin & joins the group in hopes that her new healing powers can help them.

Plasma Skunks

Blazeshock the Skunk

She was formerly a Mobian skunk living in Ancient Dimension. Her fur waw formerly yellow and black. Her eyes were yet cyan. She wore baby blue long-sleeved clothes and black silk pants. Her life changed one day, when she was walking in a forest. Suddenly, she was captured by a giant invisible robot like a UFO. She became one of Dr. Eggman's specimen. As she was put inside the tempered glass tank, Dr. EggRey appeared. He said, "Look at this specimen. She is cute. I am going to put plasma powers in her, to serve me. As my empire reigns supreme, no one can beat my transformed specimen!" He pressed the big red button, causing a high voltage current flowing in Blazeshock's body. Blazeshock shivered in pain due to high voltage but fortunately, Blazeshock accidentally unleashed a power surge, causing the tempered glass to shatter. Blazeshock's yellow fur turned orange, and her eyes turned red. Her clothes became a skin-tight, sleeveless, yellow turtleneck suit. Her pants became skin-tight too. Dr. EggRey was surprised and laughs evily. His evil laugh turned into a light scream when Blazeshock accidentally electrocuted Dr. EggRey with a plasma current, leaving him unconscious. "You're mistaken, old man, on turning me into one of your supersoldiers." she said. As she reached the exit, Equera Wolves cornered her. She remembered her brand new powers & tried to unleash it again. As the Equera Wolves were about to attack Blazeshock, she unleashed a dome of plasma, thus destroying the robotic wolves. As she exited the Diablodia HQ, she was hit by a thunderbolt, teleporting her to a random location. She arrived in Seaside Hill in Mobius. She saw a group of skunks, & joined them, in hopes of defeating Dr. EggRey successfully.

Paige the Skunk

As a young normal black & white skunk girl wearing black & white clothes, she finds an abandoned laboratory & enters inside. Paige finds everything is destroyed except for a powerful plasma energy ball, she decides to check out the plasma energy ball & picks it up, but suddendly it was no plasma energy ball as the plasma energy begins to escape from the plasma energy ball & goes inside Paige's body, causing her body to change color with her eyes from blue to red, her long hair from white to pink, her chest & vertical skunk stripe on her back from white to purple, her muzzle from white to red, her skunk tail stripe from white to pink, her clothes from black & white to an orange sleeveless, skin-tight & shiny tank top, green gloves, yellow skin-tight pants & blue boots. With the powers of plasma energy changing her black & white look into a brand new colorful look. She now knows that the Plasma Energy Ball holds colorful untold Plasma powers & she now has powerful electricity energy. But sadly, she can't handle all this energy that her powerful energies had acidently been found by the Jack-4 Bots, causing them to charge at her, but her energies have so wild, that rainbow electricity begins to electrocute the bots, shutting them down quickly. Paige begins to calm down & notices broken Jack-4 Bots on the ground, as she begins to inspect the bots, she is been found by a group of female skunks. After telling them the story about what happened, Paige joins in the group in hoping of control her raw power.

Cosmo Skunks

Cosmia the Skunk

She was Celestia the Hedgehog's most trusted royal warrior. She was very loyal to the queen, wanting to protect her at all costs, even it costs her own life. Due to this, Celestia gave compassion to her. One day, a horde of Koopas attacked the Celestial Haven. Cosmia and her companion warriors fend off the minion Koopas from attacking the Celestial Beacon. During the attack, Magmalix appeared in the throne room of Celestia. Cosmia sensed danger from the beacon and telled her companions to fend the Koopas while she rescue the queen. He charged at Celestia, but Cosmia interferes, causing her to get attacked instead of Celestia. Cosmia got knocked down. She got up & charged at Magmalix, holding her sword. Unfortunately, she was beaten by the mighty Koopa King. She weakly got up & said, "I am willing to sacrifice myself protecting the Celestial Queen..!". Suddenly, a surge of cosmic energy appeared as Cosmia powered up. Her compassionate heart granted her cosmic powers. She unleashed her blue aura & defeated Magmalix by her new cosmic abilities. She delivered the final blow by firing a cosmic beam at Magmalix, causing him to be blown away, yelling, "NOOO!!!", as a twinkle appeared in the sky and a hoarse voice echoed. Celestia thanked Cosmia & gave her a Medal of Chivalry. Cosmia thanked the queen for the reward. As a group of female skunks arrived in the throne room of Celestial Haven to check the havoc that happened here, Cosmia introduced herself. Celestia introduced herself as well. One of the female skunks in the group invited Cosmia to join. Celestia allowed her & said, "Godspeed to your journey." Cosmia joined with determination, to use her cosmic powers to fend off the forces of the evil Koopas.

Galaxy the Skunk

She is in the country side, living out her days as a Girl Skunk Farmer with her parents. Every night she loves to look at the Stars at night before bed. One night, she was taken by Clyde the Chameleon, taking her inside one of the EggPlankton Empire's warships, not knowing that a hedgehog is climbing aboard undetected. As she begins to wake up, she was being carried by the Jack-4 bots to the bridge where Clyde is at now. Clyde then prepares to throw her out of the ship & into space, but was interrupted by an orange hedgehog, named Jack the Hedgehog. As he & Clyde battled each other, Galaxy tries to sneak away into the escape pod, only to be ambushed by Jack-4 Bots. Jack has defeated Clyde, but he noticed that Galaxy is in captive & he goes up to her.
(JTH: Outer space? They will die without oxygen, y'know that. And also, outer space has no gravity and they can't land on Mobius when they are outside the atmosphere.)
(JTH: Hah, no reply?)

Psi Skunks

Telekesia the Skunk

She is Yuki's acquaintance, given the power of a mysterious psychic ability. It has the ability of: "sensory of positive & negative energies", meaning Telekesia can sense positive or negative energy inside a person. One day, she ventured in the Mystic Forest to meditate. After an hour of meditation, she senses negative energies surrounding her. As she opens her eyes, she found herself surrounded by Equera Bots. She fought them by using her telekinetic abilities she acquired since her training since she was adolescent. As she destroyed the Jack-4 Bots, Neo Rey appears & abduct her. In Diablodia HQ, she was about to be roboticized. As Dr. EggRey was about to press the big red button, Telekesia controls the mechanical box to float. Dr. EggRey presses nothing out of thin air. "What?!" grunted Dr. EggRey. Telekesia breaks the tempered glass with a psychic pulse to escape her prison. Equera Bots surround her. Telekesia scoffed & teleports out of the HQ. She teleported to a forest, until she saw a group of female skunks. She joins the group to defeat the evil roboticizing doctor.

Cree the Skunk

When Cree was little, her grandmother was a psychic & Cree was amazed by her magnificent telekinetic ability. Cree wants to learn how to use psychokinesis & telekinesis, so her grandmother teaches her how to use them. But when Cree was 12, her grandmother died. Luckily, Cree's mother also knows how to use telekinesis from Cree's Grandmother, so she teaches Cree how to use Telekinesis & she preforms it very well. When she was her original age, she was captured by Jack-4 Bots & was taken to the Mega Chum Bucket, before she is thrown in the Roboticizer, she uses her new Telekinesis powers to throw the Jack-4 Bots away & makes her escape. Once she escapes, she notices a batallion of Jack-4 Bots in her way & she uses her telekinesis powers to crush all of the Jack-4 Bots & finally notices a group of female skunks & joins them.

Rock Skunks

Geonia the Skunk

She lives in a canyon with her friend Mobian wolves. One day, as she was eating some cooked meat with her friends, they were attacked by Equera Wolves. As the Equera Wolves surround them, her Mobian wolf friends attack their robotic replicas back. As they were fighting, Geonia flees & falls down the canyon with a hard fall. Fortunately, she didn't feel much pain. She realized that she had high resilience. As she saw that the Equera Wolves fall down the canyon & are about to attack her, she shivers in fear. Suddenly, her two hands formed into two boulder fists. She saw this & smirks. She destroys the Equera Wolves with her boulder fists. After that, she snaps her finger, causing a large shrapnel of rock to rise from the surface of Geonia, enabling her to rise up to the canyon. As she lands on the canyon, she notices that her Mobian wolf friends have died. As she goes back below, she plunges into sorrow. She saw a group of female skunks heading her way. She joins the group to avenge her friends against Dr. EggRey.

Tara the Skunk

She lives in a desert outback with her trusty bi-plane, the "Rock N' Roll Flyer". As she is finishing her Bi-plane test drive, she is confronted by Red Shark Soldiers commanded by Tensai who is already here. Tara then begins battle with the Red Shark Soldiers, only to be beaten up, but only feels a bit of pain & felt her new rocky powers coming to life, by shape shifting her fists into Boulder fists. Tara notices this & then smirks as she punches the Red Shark Soldiers with her new Boulder Fists & then Tara wins the battle & reforms her fists back to normal. Tara then hops inside her Bi-plane, the "Rock N' Roll Flyer" & flys away, trying to get away from Tensai & she did. Tara then notices a group of female skunks & lands the "Rock N' Roll Flyer" & hops off & introduces herself to the group of female skunks & joins in the group to help.

Sound Skunks

Harmony the Skunk

When she was a child, she was taught by her mother on how to play a piano. She saw also taught by his father on how to play a violin. She really appreciated their love of her parents, so she loved to play musical instruments. One day, she went to a small forest & played her violin. The other animals were attracted by her skill in playing musical instruments. As she grew as a woman, her parents died. She felt great sorrow. She didn't know that because of her parents, some unknown power resided in her, so that she can control the flow of music. She left her home & stayed in her small forest. She plays sorrowful music, causing her to sleep deeply. Suddenly, as she woke up in the dead of night, she saw Equera Bots surrounding her. This made her frightened. She can't flee. She yelled, "HELP!!!", causing harmful sound waves to damage the Equera Bot's systems, causing them to malfunction and explode. Se discovered her unknown powers to protect herself by using music as a defense mechanism. She brings her handy violin & sits on the grass. She encountered an Equera Bot. She heard a metallic sound from her violin. She saw her bow that turned into a thick blade. She grinned and cleaved the Equera Bot into half, causing it to explode. She saw a group of female skunks heading towards her. She asks them if she can join the group. The group agreed & Harmony joins the group to assist them wherever they may go.

Melody the Skunk

When she was 12 years old, she is a fan of music & she loves to sing & play instruments as a hobby. And she even loves to hear the music of the Sonic Underground, who are her inspiration. Melody notices that there's a medallion that is a shape of an electric guitar & wonders who's it from. With no one knows who owns the medallion, until she notices that it was for her the entire time. So she decides to try it on & thinks that this medallion is beautiful. One day, while Melody is on a stroll, she was being ambushed by Jack-4 Bots, cornering her in an alley. Melody begins to be scared that she holds her medallion for comfort, accidently rubbing it transforming the medallion into a pink electric guitar. Melody then fires the electric guitar by firing pink lasers at the Jack-4 Bots, destroying them one by one. After taking down the Jack-4 Bots, Melody then heads off to a large grassy field in the country, playing her electric guitar. Just then a group of female skunks heard the music & head towards it which it comes from Melody. One of the female skunks ask if she wants to join in the group & Melody accepts the offer.

Mimicry Skunks

Dittia the Skunk

She was born with a strange name. As a child, she had a joyful demeanor. At a time, since she grew up, she stayed in her grandfather's house. She went in the secret laboratory of her grandfather. As she goes inside the lab, she was amazed by the works of her grandfather. As she saw a tank, she checks its characteristics. She was curious about technology. Dittia saw a golden bracelet with a strange crest. She wears the bracelet & went out of the lab. She shows the bracelet to her grandfather. Her grandfather told her that the bracelet originally belonged from Dittia's own great-grandmother, passed to her grandmother, then her mother, to protect the family, but it was given to Dittia's grandfather because it taxes much more energy to the old. He added that the bracelet had strange powers. As she checks the bracelet & wears it, suddenly a bright flash of light gleams from the bracelet. Dittia's eyes turn white & unleashes a power surge. His grandfather says, "My word!" as he saw Dittia with her new powers. Suddenly, a group of Magmalix's Koopas attack the two. She concentrates her power, causing her to copy one of the Koopa's abilities. Suddenly, she lets out a stream of fire from her mouth, burning the enemies. Two Koopas survive & abduct Dittia's grandfather. She chases them up to a grassland, where she was still copying the Koopas' moves. She turns into a Koopa & chases them. As they stop to Magma Fortress, the Koopas were still holding Dittia's grandfather. Suddenly, Dittia in her Koopa mode appears. She beat up the cruel anthropomorphic turtles with her new powers. She brings her grandfather home. As she went to her grandfather's house, she sees a group of female skunks. She asks permission to her grandfather to join them. Her grandfather agreed & Dittia comes with the group, to defeat Magmalix & his troops.

Julie the Skunk

She is once a technology scientist, scanning & searching for Robots, but she suddendly has a feeling about those Combots once she noticed Combot Nega. She decides to test his robotics & notices that Combot Nega can copy every move once she makes contact with the bot. She is amazed that a Combot can mimic anyone's attacks with their sensor arrays up to date. Julie begins to train herself with a Robot Combot she made herself & felt that she wants to be like the Combot. Throughout the day with food breaks, Julie & the Combot begins to copy their movements feeling like mimicry powers flowing through her every time she practices with the Combot, only to be interrupted by only 3 Jack-4 Bots. The Jack-4 Bots tries to stop Julie, but suddendly Julie had use the Jack-4 Bots same move, knocking away one of them with the Jack-4 Bots' strength. A Second Jack-4 Bots lifts Julie up, but thanks to her mimicry powers, she has lift a 3rd Jack-4 Bot in the process & smashes on top of the 2nd Jack-4 Bot, letting her go. After Julie destroyed 3 Jack-4 Bots with her brand new Mimicry powers, she escapes & goes to the group of female skunk girls for help by joining the group.

Love Skunks

Ai the Skunk

Ai was born in a mage tribe, as a beautiful woman, due to a peculiar magic that enables her to infatuate sentient creatures she's casting her magic on. She also has a pleasant skunk scent and a slim body build (due to the magic). One day, she fetched water from the magical well. Suddenly, Magma Koopas rushed in and tried to abduct her, but by looking at her visage, they halted running and stared at her face. She saw the Magma Koopas staring at her and waved her hand at them, asking, "Hi there, adorable human turtles. How are you?" She noticed that they were still staring at her. She said, "Hm, maybe they're affected by my magic." Then she went home. She saw the house in great mess, much to her horror. Neo Magma Koopas abduct her. They went to a Magma Koopa Outpost in Ammos. She was bound my chains, along with her mother. Ai started to cry, but her mother told her, "Don't worry, my dear, we'll find out how to escape." Ai heeded her mother's words and thought of a plan. She looks at a large-bodied Magma Koopa and draws his attention. She used her cuteness to attract him. The Magma Koopa saw her and got infatuated. He breaks the chains from Ai and her mother. They both escape through the help of the Magma Koopa, but they got cornered by 8 Neo Koopas. Ai used her cuteness to attract them, but to no avail. She saw a large shell and said, "Mother, find cover from that shell!" Her mother went inside the shell to take cover. "Hmm..." she wondered as she sprays her pleasant skunk scent at the Neo Magma Koopas, causing them to be infatuated. The Magma Koopas ransack the outpost by Ai's powers. The both of them escape the ruined outpost and found a group of female skunks. Ai and her mother joined the group to find a new shelter for them both, but before doing it, they both went to the leader of their tribe and asked him for permission to join the female group. The leader happily agreed and told the group, "I fare thee well. I may ask if you can get some time to visit our tribe." The group agreed and left after faring the whole tribe good-by.

Angel the Skunk

Angel is born with a beautiful skunk aroma. She is taken care of a kind & caring skunk family that loves their baby girl. One day, Angel notices that her skunk scent smell beautiful & amazing that the citizens are in love with her, even though she's about 12. Angel comes back from home, only to find out that Archer & the Crocodile Bandits captures her parents. Angel went after them, only to get caught in the process. When Angel & her parents are in jail, Angel uses her cuteness to let Archer & the Crocodile Bandits was amazed of her cuteness & beauty that she let her & her parents go, not knowing that Angel hypnotised them with love.


Particle Skunk

Mira the Skunk

One of Dr. EggRey's specimen. Since her childhood, she went in one of Dr. EggRey's laboratories. As she saw a particle generator, she has no knowledge of it. As she saw the power button, she pressed it, causing a particle sphere to generate from the particle generator. She was amazed of the light glimmering from the generator. Suddenly, she was struck by a particle beam, causing her to fall into a very chronic coma. She was secretly preserved by an Equera Empire's lab. Many years later at her adult stage, she was freed from preservation. She awakened from her coma... feeling cold and numb. She was about to be roboticized. She struggled to move her body. Suddenly, during the roboticization, Mira unleashed a power surge and accidentally broke free from the roboticizer by her unknown destructive power she acquired by being struck by the particle beam many years ago & stored atomic energy in her body. Dr. EggRey wasn't amused of this & summoned his Equera Bots to capture her, but didn't succeed. Mira can't control her limbs because her unknown power controlled her limb movement temporarily. She shot particle spheres at the Equera Bots, making her way to escape. However, when she was about to reach the exit, Equera Wolves blocked her way out. Suddenly, Mira's unknown power has lost its control over her movement. She saw what she did against the Equera Bots just earlier. She tried to concentrate her will to control her unknown powers. Suddenly, she conjured an atomic sphere from her palm. She smirked because of this. After conjuring the atomic sphere, she fired a particle beam at the Equera Wolves, erasing them without a trace. She realized that her powers are destructive, so she limited her usage, so that she cannot make more danger. As she reached to a forest, she saw a group of female skunks. She joined the group to help them fight against the Equera Empire.

Aiko the Skunk

When she was captured by Professor Vulcan, she was put inside a test chamber, while Professor Vulcan begins to test his latest creation the "Partical Blaster". As he fires Aiko with a Partical Blaster, instead of disintergrating her into tiny pieces, Aiko was accidently granted with strong atomic powers & she uses it against the chamber to break herself free. Professor Vulcan tries to use the Jack-4 Bots, but Aiko uses her atomic powers to make the bots explode & she makes her escape with Professor Vulcan on her tail on the ChumPod. However Professor Vulcan's luck just ran out when a group of Female Skunks stops him to save Aiko. After Aiko is safe, she decides to join in the group to help them on their quest.


  • All Star Rebel Republic
  • Intelligence Technology Systems


  • EggPlankton Empire
  • Equera Empire
  • Rahkshi Tribes



  • It is shown that only two elemental female skunks are hybrid.
    • Frost & Scorch are both skunk-cats.
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