Light Blue Yoshi by Ospada

credit to ospada on devianart

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The ultimate yoshi,often called UY(pronounced you)is a yoshi made like shadow,but by eggman,bowser,wily and gruntilda(banjo and kazooie)


Normal form

he is a blue yoshi with a fang and brown boots

Human form

Blue link 1 oot by pheonixmaster1-d49q3lt

made by pheonixmaster

he looks link from OOT(orcania of time)complete with copies of the hyrulian shield and the master sword

Legend form

his super form,he takes on the appearance of a light blue reshiram,the first time he used it was in Yoshi heroes:the first adventure at the end in which he(SPOILER ALERT)is angered by darkcode when it uses the darkcode mech to almost kill his sister,sever and destroys his mech with the ultimate flare


all the villains were fed up with the heroes defeating them all the time,so they met at a convention to make a warrior who could oppose them all,so using every ounce of power they could spare,they created the Ultimate Yoshi,the assassin yoshi and the Master Yoshi,UY and Sever(assassin yoshi) rebelled and left to sonic's world


UY can use several abilites in his diffrent forms

Normal form

  • he can sprout wings and fly
  • he can use his tongue to eat objects and turn them into exploding eggs
  • he can manipulate water and ice
    Light blue reshiram by joltingwolf-d3dvjle

    by joltingwolf

  • his tongue can be used as a whip

Link form

  • He can use a copy of the master sword and hyrulian shield
  • he's half as fast as his yoshi form
  • he has several objects including the hookshot,bombs the hero bow and many more

Reshiram form

  • he can fly
  • he can breath fire
  • he is near-invincible
  • he has super sharp claws that can cut through anything
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