The Ultra Cyclone is a speed-type Extreme Gear created by Josh the Hedgehog and Louie the Fox in Sonic Riders. It is Josh's personal EX Gear.


Josh the Hedgehog created his own Extreme Gear, which is one of the fastest Extreme Gears in JTH's database. It is faster than some of the Extreme Gears because of its advanced engines and power source of Ancient Energy in it. It has high stats, but the Ultra Cyclone's disadvantage is its strength. It can only hit any Extreme Gear with less efficiency, unless Josh does his Almighty attack. 

This Extreme Gears proves to be outstanding due to its advanced technology it possessed, making it one of the fastest Extreme Gears ever existed, surpassing even the leading EX Gears. It is filled with Ancient Energy that can possibly release the Extreme Gear's full potential to change the tide of racing to the Ventilus King's advantage, enabling him to boost with incredible speed like launching out of the cosmos! 

This Extreme Gear is colored ultramarine, and is shaped like a surfboard, but much wider. Silver blades are concealed on the sides, used to attack large Extreme Gears with great efficiency. It also has a pedal on the hind of the Extreme Gear, pressed to transform to the air ride Aerodynamo.


It has lots of features in it. Its aerodynamics are greatly improved. This Extreme Gear is a board-type. When the pedal on the rear is pressed, the Ultra Cyclone becomes an air-ride-type Extreme Gear named Ultra Aerodynamo. It has balanced handling, superior speed & acceleration, but power only increases by a tiny amount.


DASH ★★★★★
LIMIT ★★★★★★
POWER ★★★★
CURVE ★★★★★★
Upgrades Upgrade #1 Upgrade #2 Upgrade #3
Gear Parts

Max Speed UP

Grind GP Gauge Up


EX 'Whirlwind - Josh the Hedgehog powers up and knocks opponents by spinning mid-air with blades on side.

EX Holy Drizzle - Josh the Hedgehog metes out judgment by knocking his opponents with small holy meteors.

EX Repulsion Feet - Josh the Hedgehog pushes his opponent behind with his feet, with great force that knocks them down on the ground.

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