The Ultra Glacier is a curve-type Extreme Gear created by Josh the Hedgehog and Yuki the Hedgecat. It is Yuki's personal EX Gear.


Yuki had her own Extreme Gear by Josh & her skills, & she dubbed it, namely Ultra Glacier. Her Extreme Gear is flexible in any field, making it versatile.

This Extreme Gear has a special engine on the heels that makes its handling easier. It also has high speed, due to Ancient Energy as its energy source. As a skate-type, it has average strength, added by Yuki's impressive kicking power. She can also augment her attack with supportive magic.

Her Extreme Gear has superior handling, making her swerves clean. It is also filled with Ancient Energy with a supercooled plasma coil battery, thus cleaning the Extreme Gear's fuel, enabling it to top up at high speeds like travelling in outer space!


DASH ★★★★
LIMIT ★★★★★★
POWER ★★★★★
CURVE ★★★★★★

Upgrades Upgrade #1 Upgrade #2 Upgrade #3
Gear Parts

Max Speed UP

Grind GP Gauge Up


She wears cyan aviator goggles, strapless skin-tight cyan bra, cyan wristbands that has a wristwatch attached to it, white fingerless gloves, women's cyan skin-tight shorts, & cyan sports boots that has black leather belts & a white horizontal stripe on it. 


EX Cryogenic Field - Yuki the Hedgecat immobilizes her opponents in the screen by creating a freezing mist. Freezing time is only 3 seconds.

EX Fright Eye - Yuki the Hedgecat weakens her opponent by haunting him/her with shock visions. Opponent's movement is slowed down by 20%.

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