It is a continent of the wind in Ancient Dimension . A Major Ancienthog named Aero was the founder of this continent. His descendant Josh the Hedgehog became the third ruler of this continent. He is now known as the "Ventilus King".


Aero the Wind Ancienthog first discovered this continent, along with the three continents. He named it Ventilus. Aero himself reigns this continent, along with his people. 400 years ago, his great-great-granddaughter (now she was an adult) brought a baby to existence by birth. She named the baby Josh. Since Josh was now 280 years old, he lead Ventilus as the Aero's descendant. He was given wind abilities by Aero. Aero passes the Ancient's legacy to his own descendant, making Josh the king of Ventilus.

Known Citizens


Ventilus produces its low temperature, making the continent cold. It has cold winters & warm summers. Also, when it rains, it rains icy drops. 


  • Frost Park
  • Ancients' Museum
  • Legendary Ruins
  • Arcterria Cave
  • Thunderous Tornado Castle
  • Ventilus Graveyard
  • Ancient Church of God
  • Cyclonia River
  • Lake Antarcterra 
  • Windy Camp
  • Ventilus Mech Arena
  • Ventilus National Bank
  • Sky Temple (above Ventilus)


There are 200,000 citizens in Ventilus, because the citizens that live here are adept in places with low temperature. There are many tourists that visit here, because of the innate low temperature here. 


In a map, you will see Ventilus with many trees around the castle. And there are some roads, but grassy lands are much more than roads. And then there are few pipelines. There are many water forms in this continent, but they sometimes freeze because of the cold weather. There is much water than land in this continent.


  • Ventilus is a pun on vent and nautilus.
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