Zephyr the Hedgehog is an Antiquian Elemental Guardian who guards the Sky Temple in order to protect the Zephyrstone and the amalgamite of the said temple. He was created by Aero, Deific Wind.


His current history is unknown. According to JTH, the creator of the Elemental Skunks roleplay, Zephyr is assumed to appear.


He is a level-headed person. When an Ancient King enters the temple to mine for amalgamite (for good purposes) or to worship PHOTOS, he allows them to do so. However, when someone attempts to steal the Sky Temple's sacred relic, Zephyr shows no mercy to him or her, due to the fact that he proves himself to be a guardian. He is very devoted to PHOTOS, because he was created by His instrument.


He has wide range of special abilities. He has superb skill in swordsmanship, wielding his personal sword, the Zenith Gladius, a rapier made in venticite. It is imbued with wind energy that allows the user to slash enemies with very fast pace. He can also grow angel wings & demonstrate such abilities. He can fire a materialized beam of light to harm enemies.

He can also move in high speeds. He can use his speed ability in conjunction with fast-paced slashes to execute Zephyr Barrage.


  • His name means "west wind" in Latin, due to the fact that wind is Zephyr's affinity element.
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