Zoru sonic

Zoru the Dino

Yes, this may not make sense at first, but Zoru's connected to Ace the Fox's History.


Zoru is usually neutral to all but Ace the Fox. He acts as if Ace is the enemy, and not himself. Him and Ace go a long while back, all the way to before Ace was even sheriff. Ace always played with Zoru, well, at least tried to... But Zoru eventually stopped coming to see him until Ace became Sheriff... Then, one of the outlaws ended up being Zoru starting that day, up to when the town was burnt down. Infact, Zoru was the cause of the village being burnt down in the first place.

Family & Friends

Ace the Fox (Former friend, now rival)


Ace the Fox



  • Zoru is always suspected by Ace to be around at all times, even when others think no one else is near Ace.
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